Peggy Clores

PeggyCPeggy  Clores has been engaged in Catholic Adult Education at Our Lady of Mercy Parish and in the RVC Diocese  for almost 30 years. In addition to holding a  B.A. in Psychology and Theatre Arts  from the State University of New York at Stony Brook , she is Co-Coordinator of her parish Adult Ed/RCIA Program, a catechist,  speaker, Conference organizer, the LI contact for EnCourage, and a founding member of Catholic Writers of LI.  In all her endeavors, her primary mission is to challenge each heart to the dynamism that is  the Catholic Faith! Peggy  resides in Huntington Village,  with her husband, Peter, and has three grown sons, Michael, Sean and Paul.  Peggy may be reached at imcon630@aol.com

Speaker Topics:

1) Effective Evangelization for Adults

2) Building a Successful Adult Ed/RCIA Program

3) Making Sense Out of Suffering

4) Dangers and Errors in New Age Spirituality

5) Jesus Christ: Not “One of Many Prophets or Spiritual Teachers”

6) What’s Problematic With Being “Spiritual, Not Religious”

7) Our Catholic Rights in the Public Square: Getting Past the “Imposition of Morality” Argument

8) Daughter of a Holocaust Survivor Defends Pope Pius XII

9) Daughter of a Holocaust Survivor Speaks Out Against the Abortion Holocaust

10) Authentic Empowerment

11) Radical Trust

12) Same-Sex Attraction: Authentic Theology and Psychology

Elizabeth Ficocelli

Elizabeth Ficocelli is a best-selling, award winning Catholic author of fifteen books for adults and young people, including Seven from Heaven: How Your Family Can Find Healing, Strength and Protection in the Sacraments and The Imitation of Christ for Children. She has spoken at the LA Congress, NCEA, and various catechetical conferences, as well as at numerous schools and parishes. Elizabeth also hosts “Answering the Call” on St. Gabriel Catholic Radio AM 820, in which she interviews priests, deacons, and religious about their spiritual journeys and current vocations. For more information, visit www.elizabethficocelli.com


Elizabeth Ficocelli

 Speaker Topics:

  • Preparing Children – and Their Parents – for the Sacraments

This presentation features creative yet practical ways to help make all seven sacraments come alive in young people and their parents, instilling in all of us a deeper appreciation for our Catholic faith.

  • Helping Kids Develop a Personal Relationship with Jesus

A presentation chock full of memorable ideas and activities to encourage children to consciously choose Jesus Christ as their true leader, and in the process, become happier and more fulfilled followers.

  • The Joy of Reconciliation

An enthused convert, Elizabeth shares a miraculous experience that set her heart on fire for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and offers tips on how to overcome negative perceptions of Confession by focusing on the abundant blessings and graces that await in this neglected sacrament.

  • Bleeding Hands, Weeping Stone

A fascinating overview of some of the extraordinary phenomena in the Catholic Church, including Eucharistic miracles, the stigmata, incorrupt bodies, amazing abilities of the saints, and weeping artwork – great for junior high, high school, and young adult audiences.

  • Theology of Dance

Drawing parallels between ballroom dance and healthy male/female relationship, this presentation illustrates the importance of good communication, how to be a lead worth following, what it means to follow, respectful touch, and intimacy – includes a swing dance lesson for a practical application of these concepts.

 Pat Gohn

Pat-Gohn-PR-2-High-ResPat Gohn is a Catholic columnist, author, speaker, and hosts the “Among Women” podcast and blog. With a Masters in theology and a communications background, her passion for faith formation embraces media for evangelization and catechesis. Her popular book, Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious: Celebrating the Gift of Catholic Womanhood.  Find out more at PatGohn.com

Speaker Topics:

  • Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious
  • One Day Retreat for women
  • Bible
  • Catechism
  • Christian Life
  • Marian
  • The Mass and The Eucharist
  • New Media
  • New Evangelization
  • Prayer


 Ellen Gable Hrkach

hrkach_ellenEllen and her husband, James, have been certified NFP teachers for the Couple to Couple League since 1984 and have worked since 1983 in marriage preparation and chastity education. Ellen’s also an award-winning, bestselling author (her books have recently topped 160,000 downloads on Kindle). Her third novel, Stealing Jenny, reached #1 on Amazon Kindle in Religious Drama. Her non-fiction book is entitled Come My Beloved: Inspiring Stories of Catholic Courtship. Ellen’s first novel, Emily’s Hope, is based on a true story and includes NFP themes. Her second novel, In Name Only,was awarded the Gold Medal in Religious Fiction at the 2010 IPPY Book Awards and has been an Amazon Kindle #1 Bestseller in Religious Drama. She writes frequently for CCL’s Family Foundations magazine, a columnist for CatholicMom.com, a reviewer for CatholicFiction.net and she and her husband create the “Family Life” cartoons. She and her husband own a small Catholic publishing company called Full Quiver Publishing.  Her blog is at http://ellengable.wordpress.com. She lives in Pakenham, Ontario Canada with her husband and sons. Contact her at: info@fullquiverpublishing.com

Twitter:  @ellengable


Christian LeBlanc

Christian LeBlancIf you need somebody to give your catechists a big dose of practical, Bible-based teaching methods, I’m your man.

Centuries ago St. Jerome wrote, “Ignorance of Scripture is Ignorance of Christ.” And since Vatican 2, the Church has explicitly emphasized Bible literacy. The Church is right: there is no substitute for a Catholic faith that is firmly grounded in Scripture.  Not just a Bible story here, a verse or two over there; but understanding the Catholic faith and the Bible  at the same time as a unified whole. But how can a catechist help the 21st-century child build this sure foundation?

Christian LeBlanc is a revert whose pre-Vatican II childhood was spent in South Louisiana, where he marinated in a Catholic universe and acquired a Catholic imagination. During his middle school years in South Carolina, Christian was catechized under the benevolent dictatorship of Sister Mary Alphonsus, who frequently admonished him using the nickname “Little Pagan.” After four years of teaching Adult Ed and RCIA, he returned to Sr. Alphonsus’ old classroom to teach Catechism himself. This is his tenth year of teaching sixth grade. Married to Janet, the LeBlancs have five children and two grandsons. Christian and Janet belong to St. Mary’s Parish in Greenville, South Carolina.

Author Page at Amazing Catechists

Speaker Topics:

Drawing from my book, The Bible Tells Me So, and 15 years of teaching Catholicism to Bible-belt adults and children, I can demonstrate classroom-proven, Scripture-based methods to get middle-school-age kids fired-up about their faith. Topics include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Teaching Catholicism directly from the Bible.
  • Teaching the Mass directly from the Bible and a Missalette.
  • Teaching by drawing.
  • Teaching through impromptu skits.
  • Teaching with props such as a stick, bone, rag, balloon, and umbrella.
  • Teaching with fine art, including works by Rembrandt, ancient Greek mosaics.
  • Teaching with the Socratic method of constant Q & A.
  • Teaching useful bits of Hebrew, Greek, Latin and other languages.
  • Teaching beyond the textbook.
  • Teaching the Big Picture.
  • Teaching without technology.
  • Teaching without resorting to games, movies, crafts, parties, or other time-fillers.

You can do it. Your catechists can do it. Your kids can do it. I can show you how. Call me at 864 230 5473, or email chrisleb1@aol.com.


Lisa Mladinich

Lisa MladinichLisa Mladinich is a Catholic wife and mom, catechist, and the author of the popular booklets, “Be an Amazing Catechist: Inspire the Faith of Children” and “Be an Amazing Catechist: Sacramental Preparation,” both from Our Sunday Visitor. She is a columnist at Patheos.com and the founder of www.AmazingCatechists.com, as well as the creator of “Paradox Puppets,” a free on-line, catechetical puppet script ministry and the only Catholic ministry of its kind in the world (hosted by Lisa Hendey at http://catholicmom.com/kids/puppet-ministry/, with Spanish translations by Maria R. Rivera).

 Speaker Topics:

  • You Can Be An Amazing Catechist…Here’s How
  • O Sacraments Most Holy: Preparing Children to Lead Powerful Sacramental Lives
  • Hi-Tech Catechetics for the Low-Tech Catechist
  • Holy Marriage, Happy Home: The Healing Power of Sacrificial Love.

Lisa has been a frequent guest on Catholic TV, radio, and podcasts, and is available for media interviews, speaking engagements, and consultation on religious education programs for children. A full listing of available speaking subjects are at Lisa’s Bio Page  Contact: lisa@mladinich.com   Twitter:  @lisamladinich

William O’Leary

oleary_williamI’ve been sharing the faith since I was in high school and I have been a catechist in one form or another since 1991. I received my BA and MA in Theology from Franciscan University. I have a passion for passing on the Catholic Faith. I am currently the Director of Religious Formation for a parish of approximately 2800 parishioners. Catechist Formation is a joy and passion of mine because I love the opportunity to share with others what I know and what I’ve learned. I pray that together we catechize the next generation of students so they may come to know and love Jesus Christ and His Church more and more! Check out my blog @ http://catechesisinthethirdmillennium.wordpress.com

William’s author page at Amazing Catechists



Sarah Reinhard

reinhard sarahWhen Sarah Reinhard set off in her life as a grown-up, she had no idea it would involve horses, writing, and sparkly dress shoes. In her work as a Catholic wife, mom, writer, parish employee, and catechist, she’s learned a lot of lessons and had a lot of laughs. She’s online at SnoringScholar.com and is the author of a number of books, including A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy: Walking with Mary from Conception to Baptism and Catholic Family Fun: A Guide for the Adventurous, Overwhelmed, Creative, or Clueless. Twitter: @peerybingle



Mary Lou Rosien

Mary Lou RosienMary Lou Rosien is a Catholic, Wife and Mother to seven children plus one foster-son. She is an author and the RCIA Coordinator at St. Leo’s Church in Hilton, NY. She writes for AC in between loads of laundry, driving around kids and speaking engagements.



Karee Santos

Karee professional bio picKaree Santos is the co-author, together with her husband Manuel P. Santos, M.D., of a Catholic marriage advice book to be published by Ave Maria Press in 2016. A marriage preparation and marriage enrichment instructor, as well as a former litigator, Karee has experience speaking in many different venues. She is available to speak in the greater New York City area for marriage preparation or enrichment programs, adult faith formation events, or parenting groups. She is also available for radio, webcast, and print interviews.

Speaker Topics:

  • Marriage as a Path to Heaven, Not Heaven on Earth
  • Weathering the Storms of Marital Crises
  • Pope Francis’ Vision for Marriage and Family: Synod 2014
  • Life-giving Unity: Becoming One with Your Spouse and Your Children
  • Holy Stewards: Making the Most of Your Time and Your Money

Dorian Speed

Dorian SpeedDorian Speed is a former classroom teacher and current parish catechist. A writer and web designer, she blogs about faith, culture, and family at Scrutinies.net. Dorian is also the web editor of Dappled Things, a quarterly journal of ideas, arts, and faith. Her columns are originally posted on her personal blog as part of the Catechist Chat series.