Faith Writer

I am a 16-year-old young man who has a great love for God and all that He has created. I have a very loving and caring family who are always there to support me and guide me through the many stages of my life. My parents are very important to me and they have helped me to become the person that I am today.

I am a junior in a Catholic High School in New York where I am encouraged to be the best person I can be, both spiritually and academically. I am involved in such activities as the National Honor Society, the Frassati Society, the school band, Boy Scouts of America and swimming. I also earned my lifeguard certification last year and I am currently working as a lifeguard and junior swim instructor at the YMCA.

I have wanted to become a pediatrician since the age of 5, and I am constantly working to make this dream a reality in the future. Helping others has always been important to me and by becoming a pediatrician, I can teach and guide young children into becoming strong and healthy adults.

My stories, which I call The Faith Series, come from my faith and love for my God and His guidance in all I have done and all that I will continue to do in my life. I know that My God is always with me and with His help I will achieve my goals and live according to His word.

Welcome Home! The Parable of the Prodigal Son


A long time ago, in a faraway land, there lived a man who had two sons. The older son was hardworking and loyal, and he helped his father take care of the daily chores that needed to be done. The younger son was very lazy, and he spent his days just lying around, watching his brother do all the work.

One day, the younger son was sitting on the sofa, channel surfing, and eating cheeseballs. He was so bored, that he began to think of ways to make his life more exciting. He finally came up with a great idea!

His father was outside, tending the garden, when the younger son found him. “Hey Dad,” said the son, “I have something to ask you.” “Hello son,” said the father, “have you come out to help me with the gardening?” “No way,” said the son, “I’ve come to ask you if I could have my share of the estate now, so I can go out and see the world.” The father was not happy with his son’s decision, but he gave him half of everything he owned.

A few days later, the younger son left his father’s house, and went to the big city, where he spent his money on beer, gambling, and all-night parties.

After he had spent all his money, a severe famine swept the entire country, and the son realized that he needed to get a job. He went to Pepper Jack’s Pig Plains, where he got a job feeding the pigs. No one would give him any food, and he became so hungry, that he wanted to eat the food that he was feeding to the pigs.

“This is no way to live,” said the son, “maybe I should go back to my father’s house. He may not welcome me back, but if I work hard as a servant, at least I’ll have food, and I won’t starve.”

So, he went back to his father’s house, where he was ready to beg for his forgiveness. When the father saw his son, he ran to him and hugged him. “Father,” said the son, “I have treated you badly and I have sinned against heaven. I am not worthy enough to be called your son.” The son stood silent as he waited for his father’s angry words.

But his father smiled at him and he said to his servants, “Listen everyone, give my boy the works. I’m talking robes, jewelry, and for dinner, how about that fat cow in the garden! Tonight we will have a feast and celebrate, because my son was dead, and now he is alive again, he was lost, and now he is found.”

Now the older son was in the field, taking care of his father’s garden. He decided he needed a break, so he started walking back to the house. As he got closer to the house, he heard music and he saw people dancing. He asked one of the servants what was going on, and the servant told him that his younger brother had returned, and the party was for him.

The older son was furious, and he refused to join the celebration. The older son said to his father, “What’s going on here? I have stayed with you all these years, worked for you, took care of you and your property, and you’ve never given me a party. I’m a little ticked off.”

His father said, “Son, don’t you see, your brother has returned on his own, it was his choice. He has learned his lesson. He was dead, but now he is alive again, he was lost, but now he is found. Don’t you think that’s a good reason for celebrating?”

The older son stared at his father for a long time. He finally smiled and said, “Are there any cheeseballs left?” “You bet,” said the father, “your favorite, parmesan and cheddar.” “All right,” said the son, “let’s celebrate!”

A Savior is Born: A Poem to the Infant Jesus



Oh Infant Jesus, Son of our Lord
Who spreads special love and is widely adored
You brightened the world on the day of your birth
And many years later, saved people on earth

Many people had seen and followed the star
They came from all over, some traveled afar
All came to praise You, the young and the old
Some came with gifts, like frankincense and gold

All those who looked in the manger and saw
The little Lord Jesus were filled with great awe
The Blessed Mother Mary gave birth to God’s Son
And Saint Joseph raised him, as God would have done

As He lay sleeping, on His small bed of hay
The people all rejoiced, He has come, praise the day
The shepherds, the angels, and the wise men of three
All came to gaze on the Savior to be

No one who came to the infant yet knew
All the wonderful miracles this child would do
He would heal the sick, and give hope to the poor
He would give all He had to His people and more

The Light of the World, the Savior is here
He will teach us and guide us and we’ll have no fear
He will bring us a message, the word from above
And that message is simple, the message is love

Far up in Heaven, the joy of Christ rang
The angels were smiling and happy souls sang
Come hear the good news, they said with great joy
Praise our dear Lord and His new baby boy

God gave Him a message, His one only Son
To save all his people, to make them as one
He was sent down to help us and show us the way
So we may be part of God’s Kingdom someday

The Infant Jesus came as God’s Eternal Light
A light that shines forever, so clear and so bright
I will follow that light till the end of my days
I will worship my God and give him my praise

I celebrate His birthday at Christmas each year
A day that fills people with laughter and cheer
The presents don’t matter, but I know what does
My Jesus, who will be, is now, and who was