Reiki, not for Catholics. Not now, not ever.

In March of 2009, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a document declaring the practice of Reiki (pronounced RAY kee) incompatible with Christian teaching and scientific evidence and therefore inappropriate for Catholic institutions to promote or support. The actual document can be found as a pdf here.

Scandalously, many churches, Catholic hospitals, and retreat centers continue to offer Reiki as a “healing practice” despite the Bishops’ clear condemnation. It is important to understand what Reiki is and why it is so dangerous to the practice of authentic Catholicism.

Reiki originated in Japan in the late 1800s and was invented by a man named Mikao Usui. He was a well-educated man, having traveled to both Europe and China to study. Usui was a successful businessman and was interested in arts, medicine, Buddhism, and was a member of the Rei Jyutu Ka, a metaphysical group dedicated to developing psychic abilities.

It is said that in a difficult period of his life when his business was failing and he was feeling spiritually empty, Usui was atop Mt. Kurama fasting and suddenly received a “Reiki” over his head. He was then infused with the Reiki, was healed spiritually, and acquired the Reiki cure. From whom he received this “gift” is not mentioned. After this experience, Usui took himself to Tokyo and in 1922 he opened a center for training and cures in Reiki practice.

Reiki was brought to the West by a woman named Hawayo Takata in 1937. She was raised in Hawaii by Japanese parents and on a trip to Japan became ill, eventually seeking the healing of a Reiki master and later becoming one herself. She left Japan prior to World War II and spent thirty years practicing and teaching Reiki in Hawaii.

So what is Reiki? Reiki is comprised of two words, “Rei” which means “God’s wisdom” and “Ki” which means “life force energy”. It is a practice of stress reduction and relaxation that is said to promote healing. The technique is to minister by “laying on hands” and is based upon the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what controls our physical and spiritual health.

It is interesting to note that the techniques for laying on hands are taught by Reiki Masters but the Reiki itself, the healing force, is said to be passed from teacher to student via an “attunement” which opens up a well of life force energy. People who have experienced attunement report undergoing such life altering changes as having their third eye opened, increased psychic abilities, releasing of negative feelings and energy and, oddly, a change in food preferences. Other people claim to feel absolutely nothing. It seems to be a hit and miss kind of thing.

Like many New Age practices Reiki is merely a hijacked Eastern philosophy with Pantheistic roots, some elements of Christian doctrine and a dash of self deification. The story of Mikao Usui climbing a mountain and returning with supernatural powers is designed to evoke the forty days Jesus spent in the desert before His death, or Moses’ time in the desert or Mohamed’s. Even the idea of passing the power along in a formal attunement takes liberally from the apostolic succession of the Catholic church.

In using the familiar concepts and terminology of legitimate religious traditions, the Reiki master makes people of faith comfortable with a practice that defies logic and is at a cross purpose with the practice of Christianity. This life force of which they speak can be likened to the Christian doctrine of the soul. While we, as Christians have never claimed scientific evidence to prove the existence of our souls, it is a matter of faith. We do not believe that the soul is moveable from one to another, nor is it a healing force. Our doctrine calls for healing of a soul through confession, prayer, spiritual direction, reception of the Blessed Sacrament, and the like. The soul itself does not heal. Rather it enables us to seek the healing grace provided by God through the sacraments.

From the International Center for Reiki Training’s publication, A Brief Overview:

“The knowledge that an unseen energy flows through all living things and is connected directly to the quality of health has been part of the wisdom of many cultures since ancient times. The existence of this “life force energy” has been verified by recent scientific experiments, and medical doctors are considering the role it plays in the functioning of the immune system and the healing process.”

Since the “energy force” is unseen it would really not be verifiable by any reputable medical practitioner thereby making that statement a falsehood. Any role an unverifiable force in the body could play in healing would be a figment of the patient’s imagination, or the power of self delusion,

Also from the same publication:

“Ki is the life force. It is also called the vital life force or the universal life force. This is the nonphysical energy that animates all living things. As long as something is alive, it has life force circulating through it and surrounding it; when it dies, the life force departs.”

This, again, tries to liken the Ki with the Christian concept of a soul but fails in that, as we know, all life comes from God. The life of grace that is our soul will not die but will experience everlasting life. What kind of everlasting life is up to the person in question.

Reiki masters claim that Reiki is not a religion or even spiritual, rather it’s the use of the body’s own force to heal. Since there is no scientific method of qualifying this and there is an entire culture built around Reiki, it is hard to see how it can be anything but a spiritual practice. Certainly the laying on of hands, a key component of the healing, speaks to many healing rituals in many faith traditions.

There are even five principles that Reiki followers are supposed to adhere to:

  1. Just for today, I will not be angry
  2. Just for today, I will not worry
  3. Just for today, I will be grateful
  4. Just for today, I will do my work honestly
  5. Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing

Rather kindergartenesque as far as creeds go, but it certainly expresses a spiritual ideology.

It is particularly strange and somewhat horrifying that Reiki is practiced in Catholic institutions all over the country. A retreat center not far from my house offers Reiki and massage at every weekend retreat. I think you need to seriously rethink your spiritual life if your idea of a Catholic religious retreat is to disrobe and have someone lay hands on you.

When meaningless and incongruous acts are performed within the context of a real religious service or ritual it is superstition. To add superstition to a Catholic retreat truly is exposing the attendees to sin. It also exposes them to forces that may try to use this spurious laying on of hands to thwart the will of God and cause serious spiritual harm.

When confronted, many Catholics who practice Reiki or receive the “treatments” claim that it can be Christianized, and invocations to the Holy Spirit and such accompany the healing ritual. This justification simply does not hold up. There is no need to take a non-Catholic spiritual practice and try to force it to be something it isn’t. Our faith provides all that we need in terms of spirituality.

Things that are good, true, and beautiful have no need for extra Christianization since the author of all that is good and true and beautiful clearly provided them. Things that are not good, true, and beautiful have no place in Catholic circles. It is for this reason that it is incumbent upon all faithful Catholics to be aware that there is no place for New Age practices of any kind in our worship, rituals, practices, or prayers. If something is added in the name of “spirituality” or “enlightenment,” be sure to question why Catholics need to import from other sources when our faith was given to us by the Source of all truth.

Catholicism is by itself a whole and complete worship with no need of spurious addends. When the faithful are well-educated and well aware of what is consistent with our faith and what is not, their radar should be well-tuned to weed out superstition and heresy.

  • Kathleen

    great piece. I live near the Mt. Manresa retreat center and there are very good, well-meaning people who work there. I was doing spiritual counseling with a nun who also practices reiki “healing”. She told me she did believe that the “healing” was from the Holy Spirit but that and some other things made me feel uncomfortable with her. I think she unfortunately was influenced by a lot of that new age stuff you mention. OTOH I had a wonderful experience a few years ago with the Benedictine sisters in Elizabeth NJ. They had a rosary retreat led by a young(ish) nun who truly helped my prayer life. So there is faithful practice out there. Keep looking. If you want more info about the Benedictines let me know.

    • Mary Ellen Barrett

      Thank you Kathleen. I think you must have very good radar to feel uncomfortable when presented with the New Age in a Catholic cloak!

  • William O’Leary

    Thank you for this great article Mary Ellen!!! I did not know about Reiki until you shared about it.

    • Mary Ellen Barrett

      As always, William your support and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

  • Laura O in AK

    I remember a fellow parishioner back in Maryland going on about her plans to be trained in this and it sent up lots of red flags for me. While I can appreciate some sentiments that the Church made pagan festivals their own, I completely agree that dabbling in something like this is just opening the person up to the potential for evil influences.

    I’ll echo Kathleen’s comments about their being religious orders out there who do NOT adopt and promote new age stuff. From what I’ve heard, it seems like many of those orders who have strayed are suffering in numbers while the ones who are more conservative in nature are attracting many young adults to their fold.

    • Mary Ellen Barrett

      Thank you for your comment Laura. There are indeed many beautiful orders that have flourshing vocations that do not dabble with these types of practices. It is really a blessing and we should try to remember to pray for all of our religious sisters and clergy that they keep the faith well.

  • Lisa Mladinich

    Mary Ellen, Thanks so much for this.

    It is vital that Catholics be informed that these seemingly innocuous practices open them to spiritual dangers and must be avoided. If anyone reading this feels that they or someone they love needs help to be spiritually healed from these practices, contact:

    Another great resource for Catholics is:

    God bless you all!

    • Rebecca Trono

      What seems to be missing from the this disucssion, is the additional understanding that the Catholic Bishops have also told the community at large to abstain from other practices that they consider to be “spiritual”, such as Qi Gong and Yoga. Apparently they are considered to be “dangerous” as well.

      Does this make any sense?

  • Dina

    MaryEllen, Thank you for this article. These topics are so important because there is so much confusion about them.

    • Mary Ellen Barrett

      Thank you Dina. I’m always hoping and praying I don’t add to the confusion. :)

  • Jen

    I am not at all advocating Reiki, but I think your argument is lacking to some degree and I hope that you would be willing to respond with something more.

    The laying on of hands is not anti faith. The Bishop does this for Confirmation and Holy Orders. We do this when we pray with or over someone. As Catholics, we clearly call upon the Holy Spirit to come down during this prayer, but in and of itself, laying on of hands is not a bad, anti Catholic way of praying. Doing it the reiki way is, but that is where you need to take that argument: why is it bad?

    Also, I would disagree with your statement”There is no need to take a non-Catholic spiritual practice and try to force it to be something it isn’t. Our faith provides all that we need in terms of spirituality.Things that are good, true, and beautiful have no need for extra Christianization since the author of all that is good and true and beautiful clearly provided them.” Again, I am not advocating for Reiki, but I think your argument, or wording, could be thought through better. As a faith, we have taken things that are not necessarily Christian, baptized them and used them for the faith: various Christmas celebrations, some hymns, music, musical instruments, styles, teaching methods, etc. Just because they didn’t spring directly from our faith heritage doesn’t make them inherently bad. I’ve used the 7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens, baptized it and used it to teach the virtues.

    I only mention this because I think it is important to have our arguments be solid, hole-proof because we CAN have solid arguments and we can explain the truth in all it’s fullness. Those we are teaching for their conversion need to see that the faith is a leap of faith-but is also full of solid reasoning and making leaps doesn’t help them see that solidity. Just food for thought! Thanks for bringing this too our attention-for certainly Reiki has no place in Catholic worship/retreat centers/days of reflection/convents and abbys!

    • Mary Ellen Barrett

      Thank you Jen for your comments. I really do appreciate them and I hope I can make thigns a little clearer that perhaps I left a little fuzzy in the article.

      I am aware that the laying of hands can be a very healing and holy experience but it must practiced with an aim toward the will of God. The point of the article, and I can see where it was imperfectly presented, is that the laying of hands outside of that exposes us to danger spiritually. When a priest or other person who has come by a gift of healing through the grace of God lays hands on you even if your ailment is not cured you are certainly blessed and your soul could not be in danger. When a person who claims to have gifts from an energy force or some other place and charges you money – that’s a big red flag – you should be aware that where God is not present, his enemy often is.

      As to your point…
      ” As a faith, we have taken things that are not necessarily Christian, baptized them and used them for the faith: various Christmas celebrations, some hymns, music, musical instruments, styles, teaching methods, etc.”

      Oh that I had time and space to address all of these here :). I promise future columns about many of these things. I can say that in early Christian times Christian feasts were “latched on” to pagan feast days for the safety of the Christians. It is true that secular traditions have developed from some of these practices, Christmas trees, Easter baskets, Halloween costumes and such. However, the form of worship, the Mass, has never been intruded on by outside influences. Or it should not have been. It would still be the Solemnity of the Nativity without all the accompanying hoopla. I would venture to say that the book you mention that you baptized for teaching virtues was, to some extent, a version of the Christian virtues we have held since the beginning. Many books have been written for teens from a Catholic point of view; Amy Wellborn, Teresa Tomeo, Cheryl Dickow, Fr. Groeschel and even the Pope are some distinguished authors. This website is also another good source :). I am not saying that we should only use Catholic resources for everything I am saying that when it comes to matters of worship and matters that directly effect our souls, better safe than sorry.

      • Rebecca Trono

        Ms. Barrett,
        Your essay was filled with inaccuracies, assumptions and fear-mongering. It was evident that you have done very little research, and what research you did do, did not yield accurate results, as illustrated by your comment regarding having to disrobe for a Reiki treatment. Your tone was one of sarcasm, which does little to bring credibility to what you’re putting forth in your writing, and makes you appear to be fearful and small in your thinking. I cannot believe you really want that if you want to pursuade others.
        I’m forced to assume you have not read any books on the subject of Reiki. It’s only in recent years that more credible, verifiable information has been gained from Japanese sources, but even these don’t answer all of our questions. I encourage you to read, “The Reiki Sourcebook” by Frans and Bronwen Stein, or another excellent book of theirs, “The Art of Japanese Reiki”. I would also highly recommend Pamela Mile’s book, “REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide”. That is, of course, if you’re willing to educate yourself, open your mind and do as Jesus asked of us all when he said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Certainly you would prefer that someone have a sound basis in understanding Catholisism before they decided to write about it.

        With gratitude,

        • Martha Desrosiers

          Thank you! As I have been reading I feel like we are back in the Dark Ages. We all have a soul and Christ said that He is in each of us. In Baptism we are all asked to be Priests and to be light to the world. I do not practice Reiki, but do practice Healing Touch at no charge. In so doing I ask for the will of God for each client. No one is disrobed, even blankets are left on, and the person receiving the treatment is freed of pain, sometimes immediately. Only God can heal, yet we are certainly told to be His instruments. I feel the Church failing me in going to fear-mongering. Acupuncture, a form of energy medicine based on Meridians, pre-existed before the birth of Christ. Yoga became widespread around the time of the birth of Christ. Just because some of these healing arts were born “in the East”, and in some cases pre-exist Christianity, doesn’t make them diabolic nor wrong. St. Paul went and Christianized the East. No where in the Bible do you find him rebuking the gentiles for their practices. For some reason we seem to think that Catholicism can only accept Western Medicine which, by the way, is very young in historical terms, and the Catholic Church adopted it long after Christ walked the earth. This country used only holistic and alternative medicine until just a few centuries ago. An understanding of energy flow in the body precedes Christianity by several hundred years. Christ ordered His apostles to go and heal – and they did so through His power, not their own, His power that was found in them.

    • maria arvonio

      Hi Jen
      I am actively researching the issue of Reiki for Graduate study program in healthcare and am very much involved in Charasmatic Healing Gifts of the Holy Spirit which is a big difference from Reiki energy

      The difference between “laying on of hands” of the reiki practitioner and the Catholic person using the Gifts of The holy Spirit is primarily JESUS. When the the catholics use the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to “pray” for healing for another person, they call upon the Mighty Name of JESUS and not Reiki energy which uses “spirt guides and Reiki guide” Hope this helps. May God Bless you

  • enness

    Those five principles sound an awful lot like what they use in Alcoholics Anonymous (the one Dear Abby reprints at least once a year).

    • Jessica

      Or, the AA principals sound alot like the Reiki principals! 😉

  • Ferdy V.

    This is a very good article on the New Age. There is a foundation here in Manila that inculcates various methods of “healing”. I believe they are also using “life force” things without mentioning God to be safe about it. My concern is that this foundation is run by an ex-nun who has been “blaming” a lot of people and situations for her coming out of her convent. Although I do not wish to gang her on this, I feel she is doing a lot of harm to people just by being on the “safe side”. She just promotes her form of “healing” and “reconciling with one’s wounded self”.
    I hope to read more and learn more on how to “combat” these type of New Age practices.
    God bless you!

  • Mary Lou Rosien

    I think, sometimes, that our faith base is being hijacked by well-intentioned people who are ill formed in faith matters. God bless you for tackling this subject. Great article!

  • Jerilee Auclair

    As a Reiki practitioner and Reiki Master, please allow me to clarify some things in this article. Mikao Usui didn’t receive “a Reiki on his head”. He felt there was a way to help people heal without draining oneself in the process. He went to Mt. Kurama to fast until he understood what the way was. On the 21st day of his fast, he was blessed with the understanding and healing of Reiki. Reiki is, to me, the Christed Consciousness. It is not a religion nor does it take the place of a religion.

    The Five Reiki Precepts are simple and bring one into moment. Reiki has helped many people through some of their toughest times, myself included. Not all walk the same path yet we are all headed to the same place. There is so much more to know about Reiki than I am saying here and there is much more information than what is in your article. For those who would like to better understand what Reiki is, please go to Please know, we are all one.

    Much love and many blessings to you.

    • Jerilee Auclair

      Pardon! It’s Thank you and many blessings.

    • Laurie Ridgeway

      Yes VERY WELL SAID :)

    • Kelly

      I most certainly agree Jerilee Auclair.
      I am a Reiki practitioner. Reiki is an energy, a healing energy, directly from God, I see myself as a channel for his healing energy, I pray for him to use me for this purpose and pray for healing on the person receiving. People show love to God in different ways, that does not make either you or I wrong. Of course the person can pray and ask for healing, there are many paths to God and God knows what is in our hearts. Whenever I read anything about Reiki, as I have been studying this morning, it is always from a place of love and peace, which I believe is how we are all meant to be. This is the first article regarding Reiki I have found to contain negative comments, which saddened me as Negativity has no place with Reiki. I will say I do not mean any malice by my pointing that out and I wish you all happiness and love and health whatever your opinion or faith. I respect that in each and every one of you. I only ask you do the same with me.

    • Alex

      I have to agree here. I am devoutely Catholic yet find this article along with the guidelines of the Bishop to be simply an expressed opinion. I’ve been reading on Reiki for a month now and they specifically claim the healing power comes from The Divine Creator and simply the ones laying on the hands are mere channels. I see no self glorification here, if one’s ego is kept in check. Also, NOWHERE does it say that during Reiki therapy should anyone ever need to “disrobe”. All you have to do is take of your shoes and that’s just a recommendation. Also, so what if this can’t be explained through Western Science? How detatched have we truly become from our spirtuality; not to mention it’s rather ironic that Bishops are using the fact that it can’t be medically explained as a reason for it to be mere superstition. How many miracles performed by Jesus, holy people and the saints can we prove through Western science? The second you try and microscope these things, you’re stripping God of his Divinity, which is a logical fallacy if I’ve ever known one. Many hollistic practices in the East are quite extraordinary and I’m not saying that I understand them or completely agree with them, but that doesn’t mean we should sweep them under the rug as mere superstitions or my favorite, the devil. It makes us Catholics look bad. Reiki’s healing quality and documented success is worth looking into on a serious empirical level. I personally believe that God will endow anyone with spiritual gifts as he see’s fit to glorify him, so I don’t know how I feel about the attunement process and asking and receiveing. Sometimes what we want is not always what we need. Regardless, The Church wanted to kill Galileo for for disproving the notion of Earth being the center of the universe. Just saying…

      • Rosie

        you hit the nail and the head Alex, and Jerilee was another great and beautiful insight.

  • teri

    Yay Jerilee Auclair! well said!

  • Sherry

    Dear Mary Ellen, I have read through your article and appreciate that you have eloquently shared your point of view. However, it is all I see this article as… an expressed opinion. In sharing how my views differ from yours, Reiki is not a spirituality, but rather a method of bringing peace into people’s lives. It is not through as you say, using the practitioner’s soul for healing, but rather, the reiki practitioner acts as a conduit for the universal energy to flow through. That is it. The person who is giving reiki might begin with a prayer or ask for God’s guidance if they choose, but they will always intend for the energy to flow for the receiver’s highest good. The “laying on of hands” as you say, is never done with any intention other than healing and love. It is also always done fully clothed, so your comment about the need to disrobe is both incorrect and misleading.

    I have to ask, are we as a society, always supposed to continue with what was taught before us? Never opening our minds or lives to greater awareness? How do we then truly move forward? Please keep in mind that the spreading of judgement and misleading fear is damaging to people’s lives.

    Also, I personally know people who practice reiki and they are genuine in kindness and compassion. I am blessed to have them in my life. So, in my opinion, Reiki is a gift and I am grateful for the beauty it’s practice brings into our world.

  • Jerilee Auclair

    Please follow this link about documented scientific proof about Reiki from the New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Campus. There is one picture in this link that shows an exposed midriff. Reiki is never done unclothed unless the person is also having massage. As a massage therapist, I believe the person receiving Reiki is doing so during a massage treatment based on the draping.
    I am not attempting to sway anyone. My only goal is to provide correct information.
    Much love and many blessings.

  • Dana Young

    I am a teacher and practitioner of traditional Japanese Reiki. It is not my place to comment on whether or not Reiki practice or treatment is appropriate for Catholics. That is an issue of religious doctrine and I respect those boundaries. However, there are a number of inaccuracies in this article, both with regard to the details of Mikao Usui’s life, and about Reiki Ryoho practice. A number of assumptions are made about the practice that I would like to address. It has been of great frustration to many Reiki practitioners that the sources used by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for their Evaluation Guidelines were often less than credible and did not accurately portray the practice or its benefits. The Internet is not always a reliable source of information.

    Many of the facts about Usui’s life that are mentioned in this article are not verifiable. We have very little historical information about Usui’s life and a number of embellishments have been made over the years in order to fill in the gaps or to create “teaching stories.”

    Reiki Ryoho is a Japanese spiritual healing art with therapeutic applications. It is not dogmatic, meaning that practitioners do not have to adhere to a set of proscribed beliefs in order for them to learn and practice this art. However, by the same token, the practice of laying on of hands is an ancient one that spans many cultures and religious practices. In its most basic form, touch is healing, regardless of spiritual practice or belief. I think we can agree on this, since the Catholic Church does appoint people who can do laying on of the hands for spiritual healing purposes. The issue really lies with the agent of intercessory action.

    It is very difficult for us to truly understand and make comparisons in the West about a spiritual consciousness that derives from a different cultural mindset (as in saying that “Rei” means “God’s wisdom”, which it doesn’t.) Unfortunately, many well-meaning people attempt to describe this practice using Western/Judeo-Christian terminology in an attempt to foster understanding, but that often results in more confusion and concern. For example, Reiki is not, as you stated, equivalent with Christian concept of the soul. (The soul, in traditional Japanese belief, manifests in a much different way.) Reiki is, from the Japanese perspective, an energetic expression of the state of Oneness with all things. We don’t have a direct equivalent for this concept in the West.

    During a Reiki treatment, the practitioner places their hands lightly on or just above the body in order to help activate the self-healing response. The human body is innately capable of healing itself, although the degree to which that occurs varies from person to person. Although we can’t explain how this happens, observations from clinical practice and the results of small independent studies are demonstrating that Reiki treatment facilitates a relaxing, balancing effect that can promote the healing process. This is why the Sisters began using Reiki treatment in the hospitals and clinics – to provide palliative comfort to the patients in their care. It is a simple, beautiful practice that does not require we do anything other than be present and compassionate.

    I also would like to address your statement: “Like many New Age practices Reiki is merely a hijacked Eastern philosophy with Pantheistic roots, some elements of Christian doctrine and a dash of self deification.” First, Reiki as it is traditionally practiced is not “New Age”. It is a Japanese spiritual healing practice developed by a Japanese spiritual teacher that is rooted in long-established practices and traditions. Second, Reiki traditionally does not reflect ANY aspect of Christian doctrine. Finally, it is incorrect to presume that Usui developed this practice as an act of self-deification. Applying Western Christian worldview and beliefs on a completely different cultural and spiritual system leads to false conclusions and misunderstandings.

    If what I have described is incompatible with Catholic belief, so be it. I am not here to proselytize. A spiritually-centered person can recognize a practice on its own merits and make a thoughtful, prayerful decision that it isn’t appropriate for them, while refraining from demonizing it in the process.

    • Leatrice Miller-Natola

      Dana, I am also a Reiki Practioner and found this article rife with inaccuracies. Thank you for your comments. I couldn’t agree with you more. All one needs to do is experience a Reiki treatment and see what it does for someone who is suffering to know that it is a sacred, healing art that is truly effective in helping people. I am a Christian. I go to Church every Sunday. I studied Religion in college and graduated with honors. I run Christian Education Programs in Eucharistic Churches. There is nothing about Reiki that does not support Christian belief or contrasts with it. Remember, Roman Catholics are Christians. The faith is not what is different than other Christians. Faith is what we believe which is Christianity. Religion is how we express those beliefs which is the demomination one chooses. There are, however, those who practice Reiki in ways that I find offensive. However, there are Roman Catholics who practice Catholicism in ways I find offensive as well. I was a Roman Catholic for most of my life. Be careful to avoid judging something based on what one reads on the internet or hears from other people. Ms. Barrett, your article lacks solid research and facts. Sensai Usui was a good man who wanted to help people heal from the inside out. Reiki practioners do not always accept money for what they do. I know this because I am one such Reiki practioner! However, the simple principle that one who receives wants to give in return is honored so that the client does not feel dishonored and helpless. It is a healing practice that demands humility from the practioner. I am continually amazed by the people that grace my life through the practice of Reiki! I am honored that I have found a way to help people experience some healing of the profound suffering these people experience in their lives. And yes, I understand it as the grace of God in my life because I am Christian and understand the world that way. Reiki is a good thing and it really is a shame that this article implies that it is from some mysterious evil source. I am not evil. The people who request Reiki from me are not evil. The nuns who practice Reiki are wonderful women who have devoted themselves to God…they are not evil nor misguided, but rather very well informed.

    • Peter

      Dana, I am also a Reiki practitioner, an ex-catholic, and I can say with confidence that the Bishops’ conclusions are correct even if the information they based it on may be questionable in part. I believe that anyone with more than a cursory knowledge of the principle which underlie Christianity on one hand and Reiki on the other can see that they are not compatible. You allude to that yourself when you write “It is a Japanese spiritual healing practice developed by a Japanese spiritual teacher that is rooted in long-established practices and traditions.” It is the tradition and beliefs Reiki is based on which is the problem. To trace Reiki back to Usui only in order to gain acceptability, and ignore his upbringing and the culture and belief system he grew up in, a history going back thousands of years, is IMO somewhat dishonest.
      Reiki people need to come to terms with this and make up their own mind how to deal with it.

      • Dana Young

        Hi Peter,
        Thank you so much for your response. And I agree with you that the principles that underlie Christianity and Reiki do make them dogmatically compatible. That is why I said that I didn’t feel it was fair for me to assert whether or not Reiki was appropriate for Catholics. However, it seems that many Catholic Reiki practitioners have personally concluded the principles are not spiritually incompatible, and that perhaps is more important to them than dogma.

        Mainly, I wrote to correct some factual errors with regard to Reiki practice and history, and to express my view (as others have also done here) that applying a narrow and prejudicial filter on another culture’s spiritual beliefs does a disservice to those people and their own rich tradition.

        For example, saying that the Five Principles are “kindergartenesque” is disrespectful and fails to recognize the principles’ roots in Buddhism and Japanese culture – and Asian spiritual culture as a whole. Living in accordance with these principles, daily and with mindfulness, is a lifelong journey and not easy work, certainly no easier in practice than any of the commands we received from Jesus Christ from his Sermon on the Mount, which were both straightforward and seemingly simple as well.

        To quote Lao Tsu from the Tao Te Ching, a Chinese Daoist work whose underpinnings are also a fundamental aspect of Japanese spiritual and philosophical belief:

        “Simplicity, patience, compassion.
        These three are your greatest treasures.
        Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.
        Patient with both friends and enemies,
        you accord with the way things are.
        Compassionate toward yourself,
        you reconcile all beings in the world.”

        Ultimately, we can be respectful while continuing to affirm what we do without judgment, and in full faith and love.

    • Jacob

      Thank you Dana for clearing that up for the church I am sure the Reiki community greatly appreciates your response as do I. In a further note I wanted to make a statement so that they have the opportunity to ask do forgivness, something crucial to Catholic Faith and mine. Do not abolish ones Faith only seek to build it up in accordance to the virtues appointed by Christ Jesus. Holy is the person who uses a tool for the good of man. Do not abolish a tool only show it’s proper use in accordance to God a and his will. Do not take from anothers will only lead the way to truth and light and love.

  • Dina

    I would like to respectfully say that Catholics are obliged to follow the directives of our Bishops even whenn we may not fully understand them.

    • Molly

      I’m sorry Dina, but a religion that cannot accept questioning and a full understanding doesn’t seem like a religion but rather like brainwashing.

  • Jessica

    Hey, just so you know, no one asks you to “disrobe” when getting a Reiki treatment.

  • Mariann

    I am both a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Catholic. I hold a Masters Degree in Theology with a concentration in Moral and Ethical Theology. As said above – Reiki is a modality, and a way of living. We do not ever profess to cure but simply to facilitate the gift given to us by God and Jesus Christ. Would you dispute that Jesus Christ was a Reiki practitioner? You would not – In His human form he facilitated the healing love from the Father – a gift we all have been given.

    It is also interesting to note here that only the US Bishops have this point of view (and it IS a point of view) not the European, Australian of Asian Bishops.

    Each of us has their own calling from God – it is your choice whether or not you hear that calling.

    • Peter

      Reiki’s is based on the same philosophy as Qigong, Daoism, Buddhism. They are all based on monism which is inherently mystical. The pope himself has spoken out against mysticism.
      No doubt there are many Catholics who ignore this just as they ignore the pope’s directives iro birth control.
      One simply has to decide whether one strives to be a Catholic all the time without exception, in which case one cannot subscribe to Reiki as a practitioner or client, or whether one ditches being a Catholic for the duration of the Reiki practice. I see no problem in someone doing that. It would squarely fall under the Buddhist idea of “skillful means”.

      • Alex

        The Church recognizes many mystics. St Teresa de Avila?

  • Amy

    I am a Reiki Master, and participate in a volunteer Reiki program that provides complimentary Reiki services to patients and staff in a Catholic hospital. Yes, you read that right…a Catholic hospital. There are quite a few nuns there that are also Reiki practicitoners and participate as well.

    In terms of “paying” for Reiki services and that “being a red flag”, you should know that you are paying for the person’s TIME who is providing the Reiki service, like any other service related profession.

  • Tina Marie Messervy

    Good morning I am a Reiki Master and I have nothing but positive experience’s with Reiki. I always call upon the Lord and Angel’s to assist me in my sessions. Those who receive Reiki from me and while giving Reiki I feel all good and positive energy . I have received positve feedback from my clients , they have felt relaxed and calm and spiritual. I to also know Nun’s who practice Reiki and feel the holy spirit as well. Be well and have a wonderful day.

  • John Coleman

    Oh dear, here we go again the catholic congress of bishops ban reiki program’s using as one of their main arguments that their is no scientific proof..etc and two years later in Australia catholic bishop portios, who is involved in training priests to exorcise demons from the body!!! Says and I quote just because their is no scientific proof that exorcism works does not mean that it does’nt. Great how catholic bishops can change the goalposts when it suits them.
    I suggest the author of this article reads a book written by a catholic priest about reiki…REiki for Christians by Patrick J. Leonard C.S.Sp

  • Amy

    After reading this article and various comments, as a confirmed catholic, Reiki Master, and practicing buddist, I am very sad that Catholic religion can not see past their own ego to recognize something that truly is remarkable. How do you suppose Jesus healed the blind the sick and the lame? He did a laying on of hands and his “miracles” was sent by God, how can you claim that someone who with all intentions of love and healing toward a fellow human being, just like Jesus did, is different or wrong. I strongly urge the next time you do an article on this subject, and you are intitled to your own opinion, to actually do some real research, talk to some Reiki practioners and those that recieve Reiki. God intends for us to use the gifts he gives us. If giving the gift of healing is wrong then this world is in trouble! I practiced the Catholic faith for a good portion of my life. I chose this as an adult not forced by my parents. As I grew wiser, I felt like I was contantly being judged in this faith. I do not feel that any religion or practice has the right to tell you what you should believe in or not. Also your comment on Buddist is totally off. The buddist tradition is not a religion it is a way of life, a life that Jesus encouarged us to lead. Be kind to all living creatures and treat your neighbor as you want to be treated. Do not harm a single living creature and show love and comapssion to all. Reiki and other healing modalities never want to replace any one’s faith. Faith is believing in something that you can not feel see or touch, yet you still believe. When a Reiki healing is in progress it is the sole intention of the giver to heal with love from our creator or GOD. How can you put down anything that is only derived of love and compassion? When Christians Heal do they lay of hands and invoke the spirit of the lord to heal this person of its mental and physical afflictions? That is exactly what we are doing. Only one small difference. We are do not try to invoke fear or tell you to feel guilty and make you feel inadequate or not worthy. We give you permission to feel that feeling and let it go, and give it to GOD or your creator. I have personally seen miracoalous things happen with Reiki and of Spiritual healing from Christians, Jewish, Buddists, and Hindu, and so many more. If we all just focus on loving one another and allow the healing to come from a place of love, then who cares how the healing happens? I respect those that follow their own traditions to make them whole. I do not judge anyone on their religious beliefs or their lack of religious beliefs. I currently co-direct a Christian youth group and I also practice Reiki and meditation. If someone were to say to you that Catholics are causing harm to the world what you do or say? Would you defend it? Jesus did not judge the poor the lame and sick or the afflicted, or the sinners, so why do you think you can? And call yourself a follower of Jesus? I know this sounds harsh, It is not my intention to put down any faith. Faith and religion is a personal choice and should not be judged, I wish the Catholic community could actually be what their savior intended. I feel that you need to choose what is right for you, not your church or any one person. If we took the ego and judgement out of this world, we would have peace.

  • Martin

    There was a time when the earth was flat (Doctrine) and the cosmos revolved around it, (Doctrine). According to Augustinian ideals we are put on this earth for one reason ONLY to suffer. For those who wish to remain in the past I offer no words of encouragement.
    For those who wish to remain hidebound I recognize your need in regards to “reality”, that it be what YOU think YOU know and what YOU accept about it. It is a nice safe place that reality. All questions are answered and the streets are all numbered and straight.
    You are welcome to it. If I had been Catholic, my life would be so circumscribed at this point that I wouldnt have become even a fraction as “religious” as I am today. Reiki is inexplicable on some levels, and yet it has enhanced my experience of my faith immeasurably.
    there are many paths up the mountain (not Usui’s necessarily but THE mountain) to say that yours is the only one and no other is valid breathes of the greatest arrogance and foolishness.

    • Christine Mercante

      Agree with you a hundred percent! This article and the Bishops opinion reeks of ethnocentrism-the belief in the superiority of ones own ethnic group. For this reason I no longer consider myself a Catholic. Too many things I just don’t agree with as I age and see the light. It’s all about LOVE-unconditional LOVE. The Rieki energy coming through one to another is pure LOVE. I have experienced it. We are all one in God’s LOVE. It can not be any simpler than that.

  • Laurie Ridgeway

    Love is not defined by a doctrine or limited to a belief system. I am a Reiki Master and I am an instrument of peace and a channel for the Unconditional Love of the Creator to flow through. The Spirit knows what is needed and that is the intent and the purpose of Reiki. Simple as it should be and not to be complicated by religion.

  • MaryBeth Walz

    Dear Ms. Barrett,

    Although I am a Reiki Practitioner, it is actually not of Reiki practice that I want to write.

    In this modern era of internet and social media, a whole generation has become confused by the concepts of truth, accuracy, objectivity, opinion, faith, religion,and respect. It is a scourge that has even the older generations confused. Perhaps these important qualities were always confused by us, but now we have a place to voice them to the entire world, not just at the dinner table.

    I am saddened by the many errors you’ve presented in your well meaning lesson for your fellow faithful. I can see you tried, but the objectivity of your piece is totally lacking. One thing I know for sure from writing, is that when we already have an opinion about something, we can work very hard to filter out the data/information that does not match it, and find so much data/information to forward only it. In which case, the writing should be presented as opinion. Or, as the internet likes to present it, “in my humble opinion (IMHO”)

    I am also saddened by your disrespect for anything outside of your own faith. Being snarky about someone else’s faith is not the prettiest of human characteristics.

    I am also confused how anyone can opine or try to write an objective piece when they have not experienced or been trained in the idea/modality that they are discussing. For instance, I am not Catholic and therefore could not possible speak objectively or intelligently about Catholicism and your faith. It would be unthinkable for me to try to encourage or discourage someone from your faith. Yet this is very much what you have done with your snarky and inaccurate piece.

    Remember, in times gone by, there was no scientific evidence to prove that there were germs and that they were harmful. At that time, our science had not caught up with the observations of the practitioner. Those espousing cleaning of hands before birthing babies to save more lives were “excommunicated” from the medical establishment. Yet, we all now understand the impact of good and bad germs on the human body. Only doctors who disregard this knowledge are now “excommunicated” from the medical establishment.

    God is so much more than the books, boxes, or churches we put him in. No one person, including a well meaning Bishop or a faithful follower can know all of God.

    So please, Ms. Barrett, next time you write a piece meant to guide your fellow faithful, be sure to frame it more clearly as either an opinion or be sure you more carefully research your facts and respectfully present both sides of the story if you are doing an objective, factual piece.

  • Betty

    Thank you for your sensible and respectful response to this article which was difficult to read due to so many inaccuracies and misconceptions.

    As an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, I refrain from presenting Reiki as a “healing” practice but rather as a modality which can aid the healing process. I am NOT a healer nor a medical practitioner.

    It is a travesty to see Reiki misrepresented in articles which are apparently not thoroughly researched. Misrepresentation only feeds fear and ignorance.

    Peace to all!

    • Rebecca Trono

      Dear Dana,
      Your reponse was beautifully and thoughtfully written. I agree with those who have said Ms. Barrett’s “article” was challenging to read. To continue to promote fear-mongering does not further the cause of a unifying peace and understanding between peoples in a time when we need it most.. I have found that spirituality unites, religion divides. How unfortunate.

      With Gratitude

  • Jessica Miller

    I have been much impressed by the thoughtful commentary included in many of the rebuttals of the above article. I have spoken to a number of nuns over the years about Reiki, and indeed had many in my classes.

    My understanding of the Bishops decree is that it was in response to Catholic nuns doing Reiki in Catholic institutions. Some laypeople got the ears of the US bishops who did a small amount of a internet research and concluded there was not universal scientific support for Reiki, and that you don’t need to be Catholic to use it. Could the US Bishops come to any other conclusion but forbidding Reiki?. Bishops deciding to support Reiki, now that would be news! About 1/2 of the US nuns are under the US Bishops, and about half are not. The nuns that are not see no reason to change their practice of Reiki based on their direct experience.

    I train people of all different religious and cultural backgrounds in Reiki, and amazed and delighted about how people of faith, different faiths, find Reiki a useful tool for practicing compassion in the world. Many find it also deepens or reawakens their religious faith, by demonstrating that there is more to the world than meets the eye. There is more to life than the secular world, and go back to their own religion enriched by the experience.

    Thankyou Ms Barrett for allowing this thoughtful discussion to continue.

  • Edith Schwartz

    “I would like to respectfully say that Catholics are obliged to follow the directives of our Bishops even whenn we may not fully understand them.” by Dina
    This kind of power, I suspect is what has contributed and led to countless innocent sexual victims in the church done by men of varying rank in the Catholic church. These men were all perceived as ‘not to be questioned’. It’s time all began to question. To believe any human being without question is potentially unhealthy, personally damaging and often morally and physically destructive. To follow blindly like a herd of sheep just doesn’t work too well. Well behaved sheep are ultimately led to their own demise.

  • Seamus Cortez

    While an interesting piece, it is apparent the author isn’t very familiar with the actual practice and discipline of reiki. For example, claiming that it requires disrobing is an utter fallacy. So is the claim that it requires hands-on contact. Many reputable reiki teachers will instruct their students to avoid hands-on contact, especially in states where this would conflict with statutes regarding medical procedures and requiring licensure as a medical professional or massage therapist. The claim that it is unseen and therefore should be ignored is laughable. To follow that logic would also assume that forces such as heat and magnetism should be denied or ignored as well. Finally, how many Catholics receive massage therapy, or other medical interventions, that are not a part of the Catholic doctrine? Sadly, this article does more to show the author’s insecurity regarding her spiritual traditions and orientation than it does of understanding other practices and how they might be of benefit.

  • Brenda Hannon

    Hello Mary Ellen
    A couple of points – hope you don’t mind. First of all can I say that I am a practising Catholic. However, I was saddened that someone with your background could have generated something that was based on so little research, and that you were not able to do this with an open heart and mind. I can only thank God that neither you, nor the bishops, speak for my God. Thankfully my God is infinitely more loving, caring and embracing. I am actually a little ashamed that a group of people who practice what is a loving and caring ‘alternative therapy’ could be attacked in this way. I will pray for the greater enlightenment of the church and those who purport to look after the interests of my faith and my God. I lost my mother, a very devout Catholic her whole life, a year ago. At the end she was sure and certain that she was going to the arms of Jesus – and the Reiki practitioner who gave her Reiki close to the end did not jepopardise that in any way, I am absolutely sure. God, same love.

    • Carisa

      Love does not pass judgment.
      Love does not fear the unknown.
      Love does not look down on those who are different.
      Love has no doctrine.
      Love has no belief systems.
      Love has no dogma.
      Love is what created the universe.
      Love breathes life into everything in existence.
      When I share Reiki with another, my heart runs over with Love.
      Love that comes from Source.
      or whatever you choose to name it.
      We are all one.
      There is only one energy field, one “God”.
      Separation is an illusion.
      I am not Catholic, but I love Catholics.
      I love everybody!
      I hope there will be a time when Catholics and all people
      can embrace all modalities based in Love.
      Rather than fear that which differs from their own ‘training’.

      Love and Light to Mary Ellen and you all :-)

  • Judy

    I also practice Reiki and I want to thank everyone who wrote supporting it or not as everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just because you don’t understand something that doesn’t make it bad or sinful. My grand daughter asks me to Reiki her and help her to do progressive relaxation when she is restless and has trouble falling asleep and it has helped her greatly. She has ADHD with hyperactivity. She is five. My pets come to me when I Reiki myself to bask in the warmth and love. My husband asks me to Reiki him when his knees ache and he has trouble walking. My friends ask me to channel distance Reiki to them when they are suffering from illness or emotional pain. All of this I do gladly with love. I pray to God daily and thank her/him for the blessings and I suspect that she/he approves. Love to you Mary Ellen and all writers here.

  • Miz

    The USCCB is incredibly short-sighted and ignorant, which is why I left and found a religion that’s based on the teachings of Christ. What a pity, because otherwise there is a lot to like about Catholicism.

  • healer99

    It is very sad to me that even in these modern times that the christian/catholic views still remain the same as it were in years of yore. If God is the ruler of all, then it was under his rule that this practice be discovered and utlized. I am not quite sure where you have received your information regarding the practice of Reiki, but I do highly encourage that perhaps you find and speak to those of us that practice and assist in healing for others using Reiki and are assisted by God, Jesus ,the angels guardian angels spirit guides and ascended masters. You seem to forget that Jesus’ death was due to the same type of thinking.

  • michelle beauregard

    Please look at
    for some very important history about Reiki and Catholicism.

  • Twyla Lyn

    As I think it’s important that everyone does express exactly where one is at, at any time….((Freedom of speech))… Thank you for sharing your feelings on this topic, as such. I would like to take a moment and share that this article is circulating through various circles of Reiki Practitioners, as you may have seen via other commentary. While those of us who practice & teach Reiki see that there are inaccuracies in the views expressed here, I’d like to invite anyone who is reading this and the writer of the article to think for one’s self — especially in this World– with for one example, how the mainstream media does slant a story. Do your own research and follow your Heart. Do not allow anyone to tell you how to live your life, against where your Heart leads. God is in your Heart, dwelling within the fiber of your Being.
    I’d also kindly like to shine Light on the sharing of the view of ‘kindergarden-esque’ principles… Just stopping for a moment, could we imagine that Christ would use disparaging or hurtful words toward something or someone?

    Also, I’d like to evoke the possible idea of a follow-up article of your views on Exorcism and Native Shamanic traditions of the land. I’m sure that you’ll find a common thread in this practice of hands on healing, which exorcism truly is– with what the indigenous people around the world were also doing– driving out of negative Spirits. We are all connected. Catholicism is connected to everything else, as well. Many of the Mass practices, the smoking of incense, the drinking from the chalice, the chanting — were taken from Pagan practices in order to make Pagans more comfortable to convert to Catholicism. Therefore, when we see things in this Light, we need not fear because, truly, We Are One.

    Wishing Light and Love for ALL. May the Light of Christ Fill your Heart, and all Hearts.

  • Bob McGrath

    Interesting that this anti-Reiki sentiment is only the opinion of the US Bishops and not the Vatican. The link below takes you to an excellent book reconciling Reiki with Christianity and it is written by a well known and respected Catholic priest with ties to Ireland and Brazil. I am a lifelong actively practicing Roman Catholic in the US, and I do not ever presume to sit in judgement of others. Only God can do that. I am at peace with my God, knowing that he would not be angered by anything I do which brings comfort to those in need. He cares not how I honor the spiritually guided life force of his Holy Spirit. He cares only that I do honor it. I do not need the opinions of others to be synchronous with mine but both sides of the discussion should be available to those in whom this raises concerns. I have purchased Fr. Leonard’s book and found it well thought out and accurately presented.

    • Mariann

      Where did you purchase the book from? I am very interested in acquiring a copy.

  • Christine Mercante

    I practice Rieki on members of my family and friends and all I feel coming through me is God’s unconditional LOVE. We are all a part of this universal LOVE force. Why can’t people see that? I bring so much peace to people’s lives with this process. I was a devout practicing Catholic and I am grateful for what I learned by being a member of the Catholic community, but I can no longer in good faith be affiliated with a group of MEN who call all the shots with their narrow view of the world. To me it is nothing but the old boys club trying to maintain their power over the people. Why are not women included in the power structure of the church? People need to start thinking for themselves. Enough is enough.

  • Jake Dee

    Hi I did rekki not really thinking it is real…. Did feel a warmth but now I am worried if I am dammed to hell because of it? What is the popes postion on it, as in if you do it once can it steal your soul? I feel no different really but I worry about damage to the soul. I would like an answer because it scares me to think I cant go to heaven because some energy changed my soul from how god wanted it to be? But I really believe rekki not to affect the soul or anything much, but would like to know if I am right? I hope my soul is ok.

    • maria arvonio

      Hi Jake
      Jesus is Merciful “He did not come to condemn but to save” Right? So , now that you are aware of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops report, you have been informed of the truth and aware and sorry so go to confession and reveal it to a priest. We are blessed to have the sacrament of Penance where we can receive God’s Grace and Forgiveness.
      God Bless you

  • Marion

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Reiki. I lay my hands on people and call upon Jesus Christ to heal the person as He sees fit. I pray over them and for them asking for guidance for them to get through whatever situation they are facing.

    Jesus was a healer, He said we will go on to do greater things than He.

    • maria arvonio

      Dear Marion
      You can not confuse the two. When using Reiki and “laying on of hands” it is not the same has using the gifts of the Holy Spirit and “Laying on of hands ” in the Name of Jesus Christ for Hm to heal not “reiki energy source”
      I hope this helps
      God Bless

  • Len Thomas

    What really is Reiki

    Yes Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.
    It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.
    With that being said, tha is not what Reiki is. Simply stated it is
    Symbols or mantras placed into key Energy centres within a persons Psychic/Emotional Body in a particular sequence and sealed.
    This is the process that facilitates the opening of a healing Channel that will expand with use.
    What this process means is that for the rest of your physical life your selected energy centres function at a much higher level and if your energy is unbalanced, low or depleted, and you can be susceptible to fatigue, stress, illness or all of the above, the process called REIKI works with your higher level of energy and brings about a balanced and functioning at a higher optimal level, you will be more mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually balanced and healthy.

  • Christopher Gallick

    As a Reiki practitioner and Master, I can conclude that you are undoubtedly ill-informed. The problem with you, and the Conference of Catholic Bishops is that you base your findings over evidence you find on the internet. Not everything on the internet is true, and that’s where well-processed research would come in. You never took the time to speak to a Reiki Master, nor did the Bishops. All of the proposed comments Mary Ellen made in the original article are different than what is taught, if she took the time to do the correct research by interviewing credible sources. The center of Reiki is God. Reiki is a part of God, it comes from God, not from the practitioner. It is also a gift of the Holy Spirit, which comes in many forms. I am going to make an educated assertion that the true reason that the Bishops put out the doctrine is because they can not put a monetary monopoly on the practice of Reiki. I am a Catholic. I am a practicing Catholic. I was raised Catholic. I will continue to stay Catholic. This is because God is present everywhere, and in many different forms. The one thing I do not agree is the closed-mindedness of the Church, because if they cannot claim it as their own, it is therefore “wrong”, and must not be practiced. If you develop a personal relationship with God, and refrain from what others tell you what is right and wrong because of their inaccuracies, I suggest you truly pray on the subject and decide whether or not it is right a God-centered healing practice. The energy comes from God. It is centered around the source of Divine Love and Wisdom. The energy comes from the Source. Do the math. It’s all the same thing.

  • Kelly

    Thanks for the article. I heard that Reiki was against the Catholic faith so I was glad to find some info on it. A friend of mine paid 60 dollars to enroll me in a course on miracles. I have Fibromyalgia and she wanted to help my pain. I felt that she had spent the money on this and I should go. We sat in a darkened room with a nice woman. She laid her hands on our heads for a while. I thought it made me feel better but the next day I was right back to my constant companion, pain. I think it is wonderfully relaxing and much like a hug. I live alone and I don’t get much human touch although my lap dog is very comforting. Now that I went I keep getting invites to go back but for 25 dollars it is too much money as I’m on a fixed income. I have also been to many healing services at church that are free and so far I have not been healed of my Fibromyalgia. I just believe that this is up to God to either heal or not heal me. I have a battery in my back and a metal thing in my head that is supposed to block out pain signals and it does nothing for my pain either. I just tried it and now I can’t afford to have it removed. So I do keep trying new things but so far nothing has worked except pain medication but even that is spotty at best. I just wanted to share that Reiki did not heal me and it is not cheap either. I just wish I had known this was against my faith as I stay away from Tarot cards and Ouigi boards or things that are considered black magic.

  • Sylvia

    I too am a Reiki practitioner who happens to be Catholic. It seems that the Catholic Church has a history of condemning what it does not understand. The Church did condemn Galileo for his belief that the world was round. Only to revoke the condemnation in 1965. The Church is, after all, made up of fallible human beings which makes it as imperfect as anyone of us. Sometimes all we need is an open mind and a little education. In any event, those are my two cents worth.
    Blessings to all!

    • Mary Ellen Barrett

      To say that the Catholic Church condemns what it does not understand it really very ignorant. The church carefully studies all of these issues before issuing warnings or condemnations. Often they are criticized for being too slow to condemn things simply because they approach these things in a very scholarly way. To think that you, Sylvia, have a more complete understanding of the church’s position on New Age is incredibly arrogant. The fact is you just want to do what you want to do and it is easier to condemn your church than to examine your own behavior in light of the teachings of the Church.

  • Sylvia

    P.S. Reiki calls for a prayer preceding the Session. The Reiki sessions I conduct are done in Jesus Christ’s name and it requires that the receiver be open and receptive to the energy he/she is about to receive. That being said the patient has to have FAITH. If we go back to the bible, what were Jesus’ words after a healing??? “YOUR faith has healed you!” Faith in what? I think we all know the answer to that. 😉

  • Maria

    Dear friends

    I understand the underlying motive of using Reiki is to help others, which is a beautiful blessing in itself and one we all should strive to do; however, the question of whether or not Reiki is appropriate for Catholics to administered or receive, has already been answered by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in the document Guidelines for evaluating Reiki as an Alternative Therapy( 2009 March 25) which can be found at

    Those who continue to offer Reiki or promote it “with full knowledge that it is against the Catholic faith” are in disobedience to Jesus for the Bishops represent Him . We are not called to discuss their rulings with them, nor is discernment needed on this ruling. We are simply to obey.

    Our first obligation is to obey the teachings of our faith, “Our duty toward God is to believe in Him and to bear witness to Him (CC#2087).

    “…to reject everything that is opposed” to our faith (CC. #2088)

    “Schism is the refusal of submission to the Roman pontiff or of communion with the members of the Church ( The Bishops) subject to him” ( CC#2089)

    Many may say they love Jesus and God etc but do not agree with the authority of the Church. ( which is what I am often hearing from our conversation about Reiki). but again, I must plead with you all to see and pray to understand that you cannot have or say one thing ( I love Jesus) and ignore or disobey the teachings of the Church via our Pope down to our local parish priest. It is not up for discussion or our opinion.

    There is more, but for now, I pray this helps, through the Immaculate Heart of Blessed Mother to Jesus, to God the Father with all the Holy Angels. Amen

    God Bless you


  • Barbara Carlton

    Hi Mary Ellen, I read your article with great interest and your viewpoint is clear, you see the church institution is all that is needed for healing mind, body, soul. The schools are set up for the education of our children. What made you decide to teach your children prviately, there are religious schools after all?

    Remember God is our father, he gave us these gifts and abilities of healing to use for the common good. He gave us one world many brothers and sisters to share this world and its resources and the ability to serve the common good in many ways. Also there are many riches that churches and people have accumulated, I do not know of anybody rich by giving healing to our brothers and sister wherever they are and whatever their faith may be. Love and many Blessings, Barbara Carlton

    For today, I will not be angry
    For today, I will not worry
    For today, I will be grateful
    For today, I will do my work honestly
    For today, I will be kind to All

  • Fenton Meiks

    Oh you silly Catholics. You so blindly follow men. Have faith in God, not in men. He will tell you the answers that you seek. How convenient to condemn something in the name of science but disregard science when it comes to creationism.

    • Mary Ellen Barrett

      We have great faith in God and do not blindly follow anyone. Also, if you knew your history you would know that the church has made more contributions to the various scientific disciplines than any other organization in the history of the world.

  • Rosie

    completely agree with Fenton! well put Fenton, well put!

  • Margaret

    i have just read thru most of the posts, interesting debate….. as a Catholic i am really searching for more words to support the argument against Reiki. I have a sense that it is not of Christ, like yoga or other alternative therapies, and i see absolutely no reason why we don’t just turn to Jesus for the healing we need!! Jesus is the healer, Jesus is the Saviour of the world, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Lord of all, the Lord of the heavens and the universe. There are many alternative therapies, but why would i want to look anywhere other than to Jesus, who is the way the Truth and the Light!! As a Catholic i believe in the authority of the church and the Holy Spirit works thru that. I would like to hear more Bishops speak and of course our new Pope Francis. THis is what i am waiting for. There is a great renewal of faith in the world today, which is going hand in hand with purification. People are searching for God and for healing. Catholics, Christians, all peoples, Look to Jesus.

    • Dana Lisa Young


      If Jesus is the Ultimate Healer (a statement I do not refute), then why would we need physicians, psychologists or other medical professionals?

      The body is innately capable of self-healing, which is and of itself, a gift of God, our Creator. Due to infection, emotional or physical trauma, aging or exposure to toxins, our body has a harder time activating and sustaining this self-healing mechanism. Sometimes we do need the direct intervention of medicine, and I doubt any Catholic would argue that.

      Natural healing techniques and mind/body practices, such as meditation, yoga, Reiki or acupuncture, are simply helping the body do what it designed to do – and without the harmful side effects that many medications offer. If you strip away the accompanying beliefs or theories, the techniques are still valid – and work for many people.

      Medical doctors are increasingly using acupuncture for pain management for example, or recommending mindfulness meditation or restorative yoga (and yes, Reiki too) for their patients to help with stress relief. Why? Because these techniques and practices can help, and are used in conjunction with medicine, or when medicine only has been tried with limited success. Humans respond differently to different stimuli.

      Reiki, at its core, is no different than a mother lovingly laying her hands on her child’s brow to soothe discomfort during illness. It’s the care and compassion intrinsic to the touch itself that activates the body’s response, not the external practices (traditional or New Age) associated with Reiki.

      • Margaret

        ‘Reiki is very different from a mother lovingly laying her hands on her child’s brow….’.!!! here is a leaflet that explains it better than i can !!
        What Is Reiki
        Reiki practitioners claim it is a technique of healing and a form of therapy. It is also called ‘healing touch’ or ‘healing energy’ by some. It was initially promoted in this country in New Age circles, at ‘psychic fairs’ and advertised in occultic journals. It is being offered to the public as a legitimate, complementary therapeutic technique. It is being promoted in a growing number of countries and an international network has developed.
        According to ‘Reiki Plain and Simple’ by Vincent Amador, Reiki is “a system of enlightenment, a hands on healing art….” It is also described as a “spiritual healing technique and an energy healing technique. Spiritual healing brings fundamental healing by helping us to become part of the universal consciousness, while energy healing centres around removing the symptoms of mind and body disorder.” (‘Reiki History 2002’, The story of Mikao Usui)
        What Does Reiki Mean ?
        It is a Japanese word meaning ‘energetic spirit’ or ‘universal or spiritually guided life force’. (The UK Reiki Association: ‘The Usui system of Reiki’ ).
        Rei is a term for a spirit or spiritual quality. It means “supernatural knowledge or spiritual consciousness. This is the wisdom that comes from God or the Higher Self.” (The International Centre for Reiki Training: ‘What is Reiki?’). God is seen as “higher self” and not a transcendent being. Ki is a term used to describe an all-encompassing cosmic energy or life spirit. Ki means the same as Chi in Chinese and Prana in Sanskrit. Reiki believers claim that this impersonal dynamic power (ki) can flow through a channel (rei) as a healing force. Ki “is used in meditative breathing exercises and by the shamans of all cultures for divination, psychic awareness, manifestation and healing.” (The International Centre for Reiki Training: ‘What is Reiki?’). Reiki is, therefore, a spiritist ‘channelling’ technique akin to that used in seances or with ouija boards.
        .Adverse Effects
        According to its proponents, Reiki is never harmful: “Because Reiki is guided by the god-consciousness, it can never do harm… One never need worry about whether to give Reiki or not, it always helps.” (W. Rand: ‘Reiki, the Healing Touch’). Those coming for Reiki ‘treatment’ are often people in great need. They may do this without any knowledge whatsoever of the nature and origin of this force and the implications. Those who subject themselves to Reiki lay themselves open to unknown influences and the possibility of emotional and spiritual contamination. Even Reiki ‘practitioners’ recognize the risks of receiving bad, sick or negative energy. Reiki practitioners are more explicit about the dangers that can occur if anything goes wrong in the initiation process. Jason Storm in ‘Reiki Revolution’ warns students not to proceed too quickly with their Master training for the following reason: “If you do it quickly, you can expect increased and amplified symptoms of clearing, and especially with the Level III clearing, it can be very, very emotionally and karmically unpleasant”.
        Even more explicit is the website of Angelic RayKey which quotes ‘Reiki- frequently asked questions’ (1992-98) warning Reiki teachers to be selective with their students: “If they are carrying karma that must be released, it WILL. When they are not ready to release it, there can be disastrous consequences. It is like raising the kundalini without a guru watching over the person. This can result in madness and death.” If this can happen during the training process – what could happen to patients having Reiki treatment? It is claimed that the Reiki ‘healing’ brings peace, comfort and serenity. Experience reveals that it can also bring disturbance and severe emotional and physical trauma.
        What Is The Source Of Reiki Energy?
        Some Reiki practitioners claim that the energy knows where to go and what to do once it gets there, whereas others say the energy is being directed by a higher intelligence. Significantly, one practitioner, David Herron, publishes an affirmation – “I invoke the healing Buddha and the master spirits of Reiki”. The International Centre for Reiki Training states: “Reiki energy comes from the Higher Power…When viewed clairvoyantly, Reiki energy appears to come down from above and to enter the top of the practitioner’s head after which it flows through the body and out the hands.”
        Reiki And New Age Religion

        Reiki is very closely associated with the New Age Movement. It is profoundly influenced by pagan and spiritist beliefs. Barbara Weper-Ray founder and First President of the American International Reiki Association confirmed the New Age dimension of Reiki in her book ‘The Reiki Factor’. She said “not by chance has this technique re-emerged at the dawning of the Aquarian Age – an age that will be characterised by science and spirit”.
        Practitioners of Reiki claim not to have any association with any religious faith. They specifically claim that Reiki stands apart from any belief system. The truth is that Reiki followers have very precise beliefs, are deeply occultic and their work and beliefs have very close bonds with Eastern religions. In the book ‘Reiki and The Healing Buddha’ we read “the Reiki symbols are sacred symbols because of their interactions with the higher realms of Buddhas or gods”. Most practitioners of Reiki embrace belief in reincarnation. In ‘Reiki – a practical guide’ Master Naharo, and Bill Waites, refer to Reiki in terms of “its main aim being to build bridges to former lives”. The treatment focuses on the third-eye, the throat and heart chakras, energy centres which are ‘in charge’ of reincarnation. Reiki teachers are vague about the spiritual powers which they claim to be releasing, often speaking of ‘Reiki rays’, or ‘divine intelligence or life force’.
        Occult Spirituality
        Reiki practitioners admit the spiritual dimension of their beliefs and practices. Eleanor McKenzie in ‘Healing Reiki’ says “Through practising Reiki we can once more strengthen ourselves fully and begin to experience fully all aspects of our humanity and the Earth as we were meant to”. She specifically states “Reiki is a spiritual path”. In referring to the Reiki symbols which have considerable spiritual significance, she freely admits “They introduce the esoteric and occult”.
        Reiki & Christian Belief

        Involvement with any aspect of the occult is totally incompatible with the Christian faith. Reiki stands in marked contrast with the healing of Jesus and it is certainly does not accept His authority as Lord. Those who become involved in Reiki deny the many Biblical warnings against endeavouring to make contact with spirits. It is clearly stated “Who ever does these things is an abomination to the Lord” (Deuteronomy 18.10-12). Whereas Reiki clearly runs the risk of leading people into spiritual bondage, Jesus saw His ministry as one of deliverance to those in spiritual bondage. His power is still evident in Christian ministry today, but it must be recognised that Reiki has emerged due to the neglect of this ministry by the wider Church.
        When Reiki practitioners place their hands on or above those who come to them, this is not to be confused with the Christian practice of the laying on of hands, which unlike Reiki, is totally related to the acknowledgement of the presence of the personal Living God and the power of His Spirit. Significantly, Reiki teaching makes no reference to the reality of sin or to its consequences. The need for salvation is, therefore, not recognised.
        Jarl Omholt-Jensen who was actively involved in Reiki, before he became a Christian states that “there is an occult power and entity behind these techniques” He writes “such healing offered … occupies the area of witchcraft”. He claims “Each of these activities can be made inoperative when prayed against and bound in the Name of Jesus Christ.”
        Self-Healing ?
        Christians believe that God alone is the source of all life, love and healing, but Reiki challenges this. Reiki Masters, Ann McMurty & Stirling Marie Sexton state in their ‘Reiki session guidelines’ “It is the clients who always heal themselves”. Reiki teachers claim that “in the final analysis, nothing can free you from the conditioning that causes your suffering except you.” (Vinny Amador: ‘Reiki and Spirituality’).
        A Surprising Truth
        Those within the Health Service, the Hospice Movement and even some churches who believed that Reiki was a simple massage or healing touch therapy, are often shocked to discover that Reiki ‘Masters’ are in fact spiritist mediums.
        Most would refuse to allow patients to be subjected to the potentially damaging influences of channelling and psychic ‘healing’. Those concerned with healing are invariably surprised when they discover the secrecy which is an inherent part of the Reiki process and they are understandably suspicious of a process embracing symbols which must not be disclosed. Similarly, they are concerned that Reiki practitioners are reluctant to disclose secret phrases, often in sanskrit, which are repeated in mantra form to invoke the presence of a particular spirit force.

        • Dana Lisa Young

          Sadly, much of what you quote here is either inaccurate (Reiki practitioners are not spiritists or mediums, nor do we take on “bad energy”) or reflects changes to the practice that were introduced in the 1980s when Reiki first became taught extensively in the West. Much of what is sending up red flags with Catholics are “New Age” practices that were added to the system. Barbara Weber Ray in particular is responsible for making many of those changes.

          I am a Christian, and I practice Reiki. I freely acknowledge God’s divine will and power in my life and my work. Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that helps us reconnect to the Divine Source. So does prayer, reading the Bible, attending church and offering community service, all of which I also do.

          The roots of Reiki are from Japan, and the practice reflects their culture and understanding. If you’re not comfortable with that, OK. It’s not your belief system, but that doesn’t make it “wrong.” I tell my new students that they already have the ability to offer Reiki healing. The practices were originally designed to make it easier for people to focus their attention and connect. The longer I practice, the more I understand that the “practices” are not the “practice.” The “practice” is simply being present, being compassionate and offering care. When our hearts are open, God can enter and do His work.

          This whole conversation would be far more generative if the baseline respect for other spiritual beliefs was present, even if it is not compatible with or familiar to your own worldview. This divisiveness does no one any good, whether it is for religious or political reasons. The intolerance and hatred in peoples’ hearts is root of the problem.

          My last comment: the pastors and church elders who have received Reiki from me don’t find the work I offer incompatible with their understanding and beliefs. (These are believers from traditional mainline congregations, not charismatic splinter denominations.) I have had extensive discussions with many of them and if they felt it was a problem, they would have told me.

          • Maria

            maria arvonio
            ToAmazing Catechists

            Dear Dana

            First I’d like to say thank you for sharing your views . The only when we cam learn is by sharing. I have some concerns about your post.

            1)I never said that Reiki practitioners are spiritualist etc. The info I last posted is obtained from books that well know Reiki Masters like Pamela Miles and William Rand have written. Those who practice Reiki state that the Catholics or Catholic Bishops are bias or that our views are only one sided. So, I looked at other views, those from Reiki Masters has well as from the governmental agency that facilitates the research etc re these therapies.

            So let me start with the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). Their web site is filled with updated info and studies re Reiki and other CAM therapies that are spiritually linked. A good resource. There you will find their definition of Reiki which notes that it originated from Eastern Beliefs and that there is no scientific evidence that the “energy” transferred from the Reiki Master to the student exist. Again, this is not my view , it is from them.


            2) re spiritual aspects of Reiki:

            William Rand wrote “Reiki the healing touch: First and second degree manual. In it he mentions how students acquire the energy during an “attunement processs” which is accompanied by “spirit guides” and reports of increase in psychic phenomonem .

            Could you share about this process with us?

            Can anyone who is a Reiki Master shed some light on this?

            Will be in touch some more

            For now, I pray that the Holy Spirit fills those who read these messages with His Holy Touch and presence through the Immaculate Heart of Mary / And May the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ cover and seal all who read these messages in Jesus Name I pray.

            God Bless all



          • Dana Lisa Young


            Thank you for asking me to clarify; I appreciate the willingness to at least have a discussion. I, for one, have been a voice in the Reiki community who has said before that there are some specific dogmatic teachings within the Church that may make Reiki incompatible with Catholic belief, and I didn’t necessarily have an issue with it because it’s important to respect peoples’ beliefs. However, I have spoken up here because I have some issues with the “evidence” that is being quoted.

            To clarify, I practice a traditional style of Reiki that is not influenced by some of the New Age practices or beliefs (i.e. spirit guides and other Higher Beings, chakras, etc) that were added on to the system of Reiki as it became more popular in the West.

            Is Reiki a spiritual practice influenced by Buddhism, Shinto and other beliefs consistent with Japanese culture? Yes, absolutely. And if that alone disqualifies Reiki, so be it. But the basic underlying premise of Reiki healing, the idea that we are connecting to the Divine Source, is really its most important aspect. The issue here may be whether or not the Church believes that connection (and the laying on of hands) is properly sanctioned.

            In the West, it is popularly believed that students acquire the ability to offer Reiki through the attunement process. In the traditional Japanese view, the attunement process is an energetic ritual blessing connecting teacher to student as part of a practice. (There are some similar rituals in the martial arts as well. The teacher-student relationship is important for personal growth through practice.) The attunement can have the effect of amplifying the student’s perception of bio-energetic field activity, although no one really knows how. In my experience as a teacher, I’ve had many students who naturally came by this ability. It’s really a form of intuition.

            The concept of spirit guides was added on to the system of Reiki in the last 30 years, but not all of us practice this way. And with regard to “energy”, yes, there is no way to measure “spiritual energy” but bio-energetic activity can be sensed and measured. There’s a lot we still don’t know about energetic fields or how they work. Then again, there are many things in medicine that work and doctors can’t always explain why either. Those who are awakened to the spiritual life understand that there will always be mysteries beyond our comprehension.

            In my own personal view, which may differ from other Reiki Masters, I don’t believe I am channeling anything. That gets into all sorts of murky waters that I am not comfortable with. I see myself as holding the space of compassion, through which the recipient can directly reconnect with God/Divine Source and initiate the healing process. (The same is true for self-healing with Reiki.)

            Again, if everything I have said still feels incompatible to you, I understand. I’m not trying to tell anyone what to believe or how to worship. But please understand that Reiki in and of itself is not evil. It is a beautiful and loving practice that has connected me deeper to my faith and to so many people who are need of support, caring and healing.

            If Reiki practice is causing dissent in families, it is because people are now abandoning or questioning beliefs they had previously followed without issue. From my perspective, that needs to addressed by inspiring people to re-experience the spiritual essence of their faith, from which they now feel estranged or conflicted. It’s an opportunity for the Catholic Church to call upon and offer forth the rich spiritual practices and wisdom it already possesses and share with their followers in a way that is accessible and offers sustenance.

            Anyway, I hope that I have at least helped foster a somewhat more nuanced view of Reiki healing and practice. I don’t expect that any of you who are faithful to the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church are going to have any big shifts in your belief, unless if Church leadership changes their own views. I accept and respect that. I do want you to understand that many Reiki practitioners are Christians who have deep faith and feel drawn to this practice as one way of connecting with the expression of God’s love.

  • Margaret

    please comment (on my previous post)and join me in the search for sound teaching and understanding on this very important subject for those who have a strong sense that Reiki is not the answer.

    • Lisa Mladinich

      Hi Margaret, Thank you so much for your post! Faithfulness is the most important thing, as you have pointed out. It does us no good to seek healing from dangerous sources in pretty packaging. The world is full of well-meaning people who don’t understand what they are dabbling in, to their peril and the peril of others. I’ll give the author of this column the heads-up that you have made an inquiry, in case her “follow” on this thread is timed out.
      Blessings in the Blood of Jesus Christ, the One True Physician!
      Lisa Mladinich

  • Marion

    Same thing Maria. Jesus uses us as He sees fit.
    Not how Maria sees fit. His works did not end with the bible.

  • Marion

    I agree with you.
    Medical doctors and science are God’s way of speaking to us in todays term.
    People just continue to believe that the bible was the end all. So, God stopped speaking to us I don’t think so.
    Jesus was the greatest healer & even those who don’t know Him as the son of God can be given gifts to continue to do His works. Just bc we as humans judge and discriminate God does not.

    • Margaret

      Please realise that Rieki is dangerous! The reason why i have come on this blog was to find out information against Reiki, because i have been working with someone who is a teacher of the the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and she has started to teach against the Church instead of up building it. I wondered why she was so angry about certain teachings and then she mentioned that she had done a lot of Yoga and some Reiki. I then spoke with a Priest recently who is an Exorcist for the Catholic Church. to ask his advice, and he said that the Vatican hasn’t clarified its teachings and guidelines on this for about 10 years. So a lot of Catholics are unaware of the dangers of it. Yes we are waiting to hear and i am sure that it is only a matter of time that Pope Francis will speak of this and other alternative therapies. What the Priest also said to me was that anyone who has been invloved in Reiki, even 1 treatment, will need deliverance. As an Exorcist, he is now coming across whole families that have been affected by Reiki and there is great sickness and confusion, with families in great conflict. We Christians need to be better informed about these alternative therapies. He said that Yoga too is not good. There are some really clued in people who are in the process of writing very informed books on this subject. If i find any more info i will post on this site.

      • Maria

        Dear Margaret
        I am an RN and have just completed my Master Degree in Bioethics Praise Jesus. My research was on this subject of Reiki, Yoga and Therapeutic Touch. All are connected with New Age. All deal with spiritualism which conflicts with our faith.
        Yes, you are right. Many are leaving the faith, many have need of exorcism or deliverance due to these therapies, but those who dwell in them will not listen because they are too involved.
        There is a woman who has been around the world speaking on this very issue…her name is Moonan. She is on the web site. If not, I will get info to all tomorrow.

        There is also documents from Rome which discuss “warnings ” re these therapies/ Need to read

        Pontifical Council for Culture & Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue “Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life: A Christian reflection on the New Age If you go to EWTN web site you might find it there. It is long but well worth the read.

        In addition, EWTN’s Susan Brinkman wrote books on this issue.

        I will write more tomorrow. For now just want to share two major issues re Reiki and Yoga

        1) Re Reiki—-students obtain the “energy” during an “attunement process” which is accompanied by “spirit guides” and reports of increase psychic phenomonen.

        2) Yoga positions and sounds are to give glory to their gods…..You can not do Christian yoga….still positions are for their gods…cannot mix the two..
        Even the Hindu people are concern that we are trying to mix the two .
        Go to web site for Hindu Americans

        The HINDU American Foundation claims that yoga “…even when practiced solely in the form of exercise, it cannot be completely delinked from its Hindu links” Retrieved from

        God Bless


  • IMarion

    It’s all about intensions. Even ppl who don’t know Christ as the son of God can do His works.
    Don’t question the Bishops that’s the philosophy that got our church involved with the biggest disgraceful mess it is in that’s left many tormented souls bc of their bad decision to keep the sex addicts around our children. Not trying to be disrepectful but seriously they are not God

  • Len Thomas

    Seperating belife pattens that are man made in the Physical and understanding the existance of the psychical/Emotional where all of our Energy centres are held, it is suggested that we as humans have at lest 250 of those certres and that we are all energy. The question is “What is Reiki”.
    In simple terms reiki is “Symbols or mantras applied to Key energy centres and when sealed opens a healing channel”
    To explain; Symbols hold Vibration; Energy Centres hold vibration and when the vibrations of symbols or mantras are applied to selected Energy centres the vibrations of those selected Energy centres are increased, the trick is to develop a way to hold those increased vibrations.

    What has developed is deliberate confusion about how man made belife pattens are aleged to rule the Universe, they do not, they, the belife pattens only work in the physical realm, then that is understaood them people will accept that they, the belife pattens are control elements and do not stand in the same way that Uniforsal Life Force Energy does.

    To try and put another aspect on the statements is not allowing we as Energy to be open to what is really out there.

  • Phil valient

    Greetings. May the peace of Our Saviour And Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. May Mother Mary And Her Holy Spouse Saint Joseph pray and intercede for us all. I have read all the posts on this site. Here is my story on how i became involved in reiki. Many years ago i attended my very first healing mass in our local church. I actually was what we call a catcher. I would catch and ease worshippers down onto the floor or in the pews as they were filled with the holy spirit when blessed by our healing priests and brothers. I myself was always attracted to praying over pictures and articles of those in need as far back when i was a very young boy. I caught many at masses by a very well known and loved priest who has now gone over to the other side of life. His name was Fr Edward Mcdonough. From the Boston area. I asked Father one night this question. I said did you ever hear of reiki ? and that i was attuned to it by a wonderful friend and he said yes. I asked, is there a problem with using reiki to help others. Here i am a 50s era Catholic and former altar server.He responded no. We just need to remember who we need to give the glory to for the gift. Of course Our Lord Jesus. A healing brother said the same. Another priest said we are all part of a great orchestra. Each with our own gifts of the Holy Spirit. I will tell you i cried and discerned myself into a state of confusion. That in itself is what one should do. Discern discern again and again. One healing priest who was familiar with pranic healing, more of a spiritual director to me than anyone in my life, said phil phil phil. Stop being so scrupulous and hard on yourself. He said that i think because he knew my love of Jesus is what life to me is all about. He knew of my love and consecration to Mother Mary, through the St Louis DeMontfort method and my love for St Joseph and our Jesus’ Angels and Saints. This practice of Reiki had brought me so much closer to Our Lord that i could not think that was possible. The people i have aided in their diseases, physically mentally emotionally when given permission is truly miraculous and actually mind boggling. To say i have any special powers or any gift of my own to do these things would make Our Holy Family very sad. Which i would never do. Now one thing as i am getting long here. I went to the Sacrament Of Reoncilliation to do just what some suggest. Confession and penance. Well the priest i spoke to was himself an exorcist and i asked him if my soul was in danger and am i being duped by the devil. He replied if i was doing good how could that be. All good gifts come from The Lord. I myself invoke The Holy Family and Angels and Saints. I channel nothing or anyone. I have asked the Madonna many times to take this so called gift from me if it will separate me from The Holy Family. Well my gift is more healing than ever and WOW listen up to this. Do you think the love of my life Jesus what leave me to, even in my possible ignorance to separate myself from him forever because i am trying to heal and do good in this world. Rather, as a veteran of war i have seen death and hell and where God to some is not to be found. Unlike some i am not building bombs and causing death and destruction like some of our Lords’ children are in this world. Please tell me where after speaking to priests, healing and exorcising priests and so many others where i have gone wrong. I do not know how to end this short story except as always……See my greeting when i opened this letter to you. Peace Love and let us all pray that through the Mercy and Love of Our Saviour Jeses Christ we will meet in Heaven, gathered at the feet of Him who made us all…………..phil V.

  • Barbara Carlton

    Dear Phil,
    You literally repeated my Reiki story. I feel with you, I feel abandoned by my church and let down and feel almost that I am supposed to feel guilty of using and teaching Reiki when I still believe that Reiki is a gift of God. I see the good it does to people, how it helps us to cope in harsh times. Another grievance I have is that the same church that condemns me for helping people with Reiki signs the death certificate for people in hospitals that may be in a coma but are not brain dead. People sometimes are lead to pneumonia by being left in cold rooms, you become dispensable at a certain age it seems. Mistakes hospitals have made are covered up by letting people die. The church makes money out of this. God says though shall not kill. Reiki lead me to have knowledge of this by patients asking for treatment in hospital. Observing what my church does has caused me great sadness. On one occasion the patients Orthodox minister pleaded that his church does not allow killing her, the Catholic church did it anyway.
    I was five years old when my 3 year old brother died of a brain tumor. I had given him some throat pill to suck which I had to take for my sore throat. I was convinced that I killed him, nobody listened to a little child but God. I prayed for forgiveness every day, often on the way home from school I would go into my church to pray. I became close to God, very close, he is my father. Once when I was very sick I saw God and my little brother, we were playing in the ‘white light’, the feeling of love, the sweet scent around us the lights the sounds cannot be explained, then I was sent back to life.
    To think that God is upset when we are helping each other and caring is absurd. The New Age gift of Reiki is not New Age it is ‘Old Age’, gifts we always had like the plants around us to heal and feed us. Reiki is the energy you call for to spread love and healing to all, like a Mum that kisses her child to get better. Reiki has no borders of who to help and their belief system, Reiki is not part of any religion. We are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of God, which part of the world you are born, which language you speak, the name of your God is not relevant it is the wish to be of service to our brothers and sisters. As we all know by now God has given us many gifts and abilities, always for the good only. We are also aware that we only use a fraction of our given abilities our brain is programmed to do so much more. Reiki is a gift of God for the good of mankind, it was not given to only Japanese it is here for all, just like Christianity that came from a far away land and made it to Europe and the USA and the world.
    It is time that we see God’s creation, one world, us humans, the animals and plant life, one source of planet, water and air. We all have one heart and from that we are to unite and share this world in peace, justice and harmony. When will my church concentrate on that, instead of reading the bible which in fact is a very old book that has been amended to suit the church or the people of a given time for different purposes? The time has come to make changes and for the good, for actually the better and let Reiki into the churches believe system. Most of us healers are feeling closer to church and God with Reiki but you are worried about loosing some power so you do not need or even want us anymore? My God who is your God does not agree with you, and one day we will see the silly games we played for power. Can you imagine the hurt you are causing many people worldwide but specially in the catholic faith as Phil so eloquently states?
    Jesus healed with his hands and asked us to do the same to each other. We always had this gift except the church would not allow this nor herbs and many other gifts we had in the past. We burned and tortured people in the past if they had and used those gifts, these are different times. I do not want the church to loose powers, so please waken up. God gives us our gifts for the good and we are ungrateful or stupid if we reject them.
    Please concentrate on child abuse, stopping the abusers and helping the abused. Acknowledge women and use their abilities of coming from the heart first and not ‘EGO’. Speak on equality and the rich ruling the poor and the war mongering that is ripe. Reiki is only for the good and so spend your time and energies on something more important. Many people cannot afford medicine and many feel so powerless, so many of us Reiki healers give our time to be of service and of help to many. So you ask us to go home and ignore the suffering created by man?
    Why are you not concentrating on Monsanto for example, who are poisoning the planet. Europe, Canada, Japan, Russia, Indonesia are a few countries that have stopped Monsanto. There must be some inherent bad to their products for those countries to do so. The government blindly ignores the dangers here; they are changing the food we eat and so affecting the health of us humans, animals and plants. Like a bad joke they have been declared above the law. Would you be please look into that situation and have an opinion and educate the public, specially as we have no Health Service but a profit making system that prefers you to be sick?
    I would ask you to go gently on Reiki and make sure you have facts, and remember also that there are Reiki healers in the millions by now not thousands, helping where the system of government and churches often cannot be found. Also condemning us hard working healers when all we want is to be of service for the good, serving God. When Reiki is a gift not depending on a person’s faith but the wish to do good. You are hurting good men like Phil, myself and many of us. My God lead me to Reiki like so many of us. Very respectfully, Barbara C

  • Sylvia D

    It is typical to be afraid of what we don’t understand. Perhaps we should learn more, and maybe even experience, what we fear. In this way, and only in this way, can we make an informed decision as to whether we want whatever it is in our lives. Intelligent Decisions are the only kind of decisions to make.

    Third Level Practioner. 😉

  • Phil valient

    Hello Barbara C and Sylvia. Thanks for your input and support. Yes we do live in a world where it is preferred that if you are sick or worse it is better for many that you stay there. Big pharma companies and yes our friends at monsanto are killing many slowly. Our food is now so devoid and empty of nutrients and are not sources of health any more. GMO foods are flooding our food chain. As you said many countries are refusing them and good for them. Did you know many many former employees if ours, namely politicians members of the house and senate are on monsantos payroll as soon as they retire ?. I believe a law was recently passed that Monsanto cannot be sued or the cases involving them cannot be taken to the Supreme Court. I myself am growing weary of others telling me what i must do every day of my life while it is ok for them to do what they want to. So i am just going to continue. Others have taken so much of the joy out of reiki and other things that we can do to help others it is shamefull.At least those receiving it are wonderfully thankful. The only problem i will have is if our Holy Father Francis prohibits the use of reiki etc. then countless catholics will be without hope as to where to turn. As we have discussed so many priests and religious are for reiki And there are others that are totally against it. Almost all those i have helped through reiki ask me what they can do for thanks. I tell them attend mass pray the rosary and give to a great charitable organization if that can be done. Some here or there ask me how much i charge. I tell them i am and can do nothing of myself and i cannot be paid. It is all a wonderful gift Our Lord Jesus has given us from somewhere back in time and our history. We all have to ask ourselves this question. Prior to what we call western medicine and it is wonderful in so many ways, how did people on this earth care for themselves and loved ones when they were stricken with various ailments ? By using what worked from nature and other modalities. Otherwise man probably would have survived but just barely yet former civilizations lasted for thousands of years. Well i will sign off for now. Keep me in your prayers as i will keep you in mind. Oh by the way, feel free to send me reiki anytime. After all it can do no harm………phil v

  • Barbara Carlton

    Hi Phil and Sylvia,
    It seems that Reiki makes us be more respectful and caring and non aggresive and loving. So whatever faith you are will make you a better Christian with Reiki. Are we supposed to split up and become Catholic Reiki healers, Protestant healers or whatever? Create our own churches, schools and old folk homes, I am sure that we will find some priests and pastors that will look after us. Reiki is inclusive, Religion divides sadly. I have made my choice, I will love all, that includes my Catholic badly informed brothers and sisters. Time to stop sweating the little stuff and be there for all. Find me “Barbara Carlton Reiki ‘. Love and Light, Barbara

    • Margaret

      how can you define and be so sure of defining reiki in term of and in relation to the Holy Spirit. THis is Pentecost weekend in the Catholic Church, where we are remembering when the Church began! How can you possibly describe Reiki Spirit as the same Spirit. If you are a Catholic and invovled in Reiki, write to the Pope himself, and explain to him. If investigations are necessary because the Spirit of God is manifesting itself through other sources then the Pope would like to hear about it! But in the meantime, consider the fact that Satan is the Father of Lies, Lucifer – angel of light – brings false light on earth and wants people to move their eyes away from Jesus. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, ask Him, the HEALER, to guide you. Would you be prepared to give up Rieki, if you thought it were not from the Spirit of the One True God, in Christ Jesus? If so, cry out to the Heavens, ‘Lord, if the Rieki practice, that i am currently involved in – is not of you, or offends you, help me to separate myself from it’, shine Your Light down upon me, and help me Lord, to make the sacrifices that will be necessary to do this, to change my life, and the people that will have to explain my change of heart to, so help me God!’. The Priest that i spoke to, who, as i said in a previous post, said that even 1 Reiki session will require a deliverance. So if you who are Catholics/Christians ‘be bold, and strong, in Christ and say this prayer…. ‘I command, in the Name of Jesus, to deliver me from all that is evil, bind it and take it to the foot of the Cross’. ..Jesus protect me from all harm, from all accidents from all sickness and from all wiles of the enemy.
      Surround me with Your holy angels and send Your guardian angels with me.
      In the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of His cross and blood
      I bind the spirits, powers and forces of the earth, the underground, air, water,
      fire, the nether world and the satanic forces of nature.
      In the name of Jesus Christ I send them to Jesus to deal with as He wills.
      I rebuke any curses, hexes, spells or prayers sent against me
      and in the name of Jesus send them back to where they came from.
      I bind all demonic interplay, interaction and communication
      and claim the protection of the shed blood of Jesus Christ over
      myself, my entire family, my entire household ….(add your own Reiki practice)…
      Receive the Sacraments…. God bless , Mags

      • Lisa Mladinich

        Keep it up, Mags! Faithfulness will always, always be misunderstood and mocked or bemoaned by those who are deceived. We have to keep praying and staying humble, as you are.

        To those of you dear, loving, well-meaning folks who are so attached to Reiki, which is very CLEARLY warned against by the Church as an avenue of demonic influence in the guise of healing, I pray for you and urge you to reconsider. Your faith is in jeopardy. Look at the feelings of “abandonment” you feel at the hands of your church! You are not abandoned, you have disobeyed and have chosen to turn your back on her teachings. Your church is still all around you, waiting for your return.

        Please, please get to confession and seek spiritual help from a priest humble and knowledgeable enough to guide you OUT of this practice.

        Your soul is more precious than your preferences. Let them go.

        In Jesus Christ, under the shadow of His wings, and sealed in His Precious Blood,


    • Sylvia D

      I agree. It really does help one be more accepting of others not just tolerant. It teaches us that God is with us and in us no matter where we are. I no longer have time to hate or criticize. Whenever, I am tempted to criticize, i stand back and remember what God is all about. I know priests and nuns that are reiki practitioners. I don’t believe they would be doing so if it were to compromise their vocation. The Catholic Church, and I am Catholic, has made mistakes before and i’m sure that a century from now, they will admit to being wrong about this too. It’s ok. Ultmately, God is the only one who can Judge and I seriously doubt that he will be judgemental about Reiki practitioners and teachers teaching others to use His Love for the good of all! :) Namaste.

  • Phil valient

    Dear mags. Thank you for your concern and prayers. I have already done what you have said. If this is from the evil one or other malevolent spirits then take this from me. I find i have been blessed even more so and i am at peace. I do believe that all if us are doing our very best from deep within our hearts to make sure we are not in danger and protected. Since i have asked healing priests and brothers about reiki and even one priest that was an exorcist and have been basically told there is nothing wrong with helping others through reiki i will continue. One great priest friend of mine and my spiritual director for many years befire is passing told me that if a gift of any kind is from the holy spirit then the recipient will be filled with joy and peace. I have been filled with that joy and peace and know countless others who are also. If Holy Father Pope Francis makes a decision on reiki you can be sure i will follow his request. One thing our Jesus demands is obedience. While reading many books on the lives of saints and laypersons our Lord always said that obedience is required. In this way we will not be left to our own whims etc. so for me and others the jouney continues. I will drop off now as i believe as always that i find myself going in circles and it is not healthy nor required. I will keep all of you on this wonderful site in my prayers as always. Phil v

    • Martha Desrosiers

      Hi Phil and all those out there struggling on either side of the fence of Catholicism. Reiki and other energy based therapies (I do Healing Touch) rely on asking God for the greatest good of the person receiving therapy, offer our unconditional love and there has never been a case of ill side-effects from energy treatments. When the early apostles asked Jesus how can others be healing and removing devils from people when they weren’t “one of the chosen”, Jesus responded clearly that the devil cannot “Do good – or heal”, and that therefore, they were doing so through Him. In the early Church, Jesus commanded all to go and heal, laying hands… He also said we would be known by how we loved one another. He clearly told us not to judge anyone – you who have no sin – throw the first stone… Now our wonderful new Pope Francis, enlightened by the Holy Spirit, says in May 8th’s homily: “when we touch others’ hearts with love, we help those hearts to Christ”. He said: that true evangelizers build bridges that lead unbelievers into the church, not walls to protect it”. He went on to say “Christians who are afraid to build bridges and prefer to build walls are Christians who are not sure of their faith, not sure of Jesus Christ”.

      Energy healing is never given against a person’s will, knowledge or understanding. Nor is it given with any guarantee of results – for results are in God’s hands. That healers must meditate, empty themselves of selfishness and ego and find the light of Christ within is a journey we all must strive for whether or not we practice energy healing. We are not the healers, it is unconditional love that heals. If you remember the famous case of two twins born a few years ago – one was dying, the other healthy. There was no hope for the dying twin so they placed the healthy one in the crib. The healthy one embraced his twin and suddenly, all the vital signs of the dying twin normalized – and he survived. It was the power of love and touch that healed from a few days old baby to another. Have you never given a hug or received a hug in times of stress and not felt the transfer of love and healing? What are so many of you afraid of? Yes, the Catholic Bishops restricted Reiki from Catholic institutions. However, it is not a dictum of faith or morals. No other group of Bishops in the world has condemned it – no one in the world can condemn love freely given and transferred.

      Although I do not charge for treatments, I wonder what the difference is if in fact the treatments work – whether the person is cured or improved through a doctor’s prescription or through an energy form of therapy, which practitioner should not charge? In the case of energy treatments, many doctors request it because the patient requires a lower dose of chemotherapy or radiation, and the side effects of these treatments are often averted.

      As to proven results, there is now a growing number of verifiable studies on the effectiveness of Healing Touch in its ability to reduce stress, pain and increase the immune system and the body’s own power to heal and mend.

      Let’s all be at peace and stop the attack – Christ would not have tolerated it!

  • Sylvia D

    Phil, God requires obedience from Him not from Man. I am Catholic, and even if Pope Francis (Just another human) decides that Reiki is not beneficial, I will continue to practice. I have seen it’s benefits first hand and think that not practicing would be more harmful to others than being disobedient to Pope Francis.

    • Mary Ellen Barrett

      So you reject the teachings of the Catholic Church, you reject the authority of the Bishops, you reject the authority of the Pope and you have placed a New Age practice above the commandment to put no other god above the one and only God.

      How exactly are you Catholic?

    • Ed

      Just because it may have some benefits, doesn’t mean the source of said benefits is of God. Evil is very cunning and crafty. Evil spirits may heal and such–but it is always at a price. Do you want to take that risk? Do you know more than the Catholic Church’s scholars who have looked into this?

  • Sylvia D

    To say that I reject the authority of the Bishop, would be the equivalent of saying that the Bishop is above God. No bible threatens one with damnation to hell for not following a certain religion.
    What i will do is rely on HIS Divine Love to guide me to be of service to my fellow brothers and sisters. Again, I am Catholic because I was born into a Catholic family. I will probably never change religion. But, our Church has a history of persecuting people for their beliefs. This would be no different. I serve God. Oh, and this is not New Age. Palm Healing was used by Jesus Christ. It is just something we put aside and forgot about it.

  • Sylvia D

    I am not turning my back on my church. Rather, it feels like the Church is turning its back on us.

    • Margaret

      Sylvia, Phil…..and other catholics on the site…….Its good that you see yourself as Catholic and feel your identity thru your Catholic family background. I too was brought up in a Catholic family and i too have always said ‘ I am Catholic’. I got married and had 3 children, and when my youngest was born, my husband went off with someone else. So what has this got to do with Reiki ?! I would like to share with you a part of my life that really showed me the right path, it wasn’t an easy path, but it was the best thing i have ever done !….. Ok so, my husband, father of my children, gone!..I was absolutely devastated!!! In that moment of realisation- that my husband , the father of my children was not going to come back- i cried out to the Lord! and I got no answer….or so it seemed ! During the following 5 years God picked me up and sorted out bit by bit all the muddle in my life, and, put my feet back onto higher ground! To try and summarise briefly I would say that my initial prayers were heart-felt but i couldn’t see God working at all. Slowly God revealed Himself to me and at one point i handed everything over to Mary , the mother of God-( cos someone pointed out to me that she was the best mother i could ask advise from !). After a few months of all this happening i met a man, a widow, who had a daughter the same age as my middle child. We got on really well and i just thought that he was so kind and understanding. I was talking about him to a lady who i knew thru the church, and she came out with a remark that i will never forget. She said that the relationship i was having with this fella, could never come to anything (ie marriage)unless i got an annulment from the Church… had been nearly 2 yrs since my husband had left, he had practically abandoned us financially and in every other way, and me and this fella got on so well…..her words hit me like a tonne of bricks. So here i met my first ever real challenge as a Catholic. When i was younger and had fallen into ways of living that were not following the teachings of the church, i just brushed it aside. I had forgotten about the Church. But now, since i had truly ‘surrendered’ my entire situation to God (thru His Mother)He was bound to point me in the right direction!! ie; the churches teaching. My first response was absolute horror. But after much prayer i eventually realised that it was the only way. I didn’t marry the widow. And here began my real journey as pilgrim. God brought everything alive to me, His word in the Scriptures, the Sacraments… and His teachings (thru the Church).. I am constantly learning new things about the beauty of the Church. I am more confident in my motherhood, and I work with young people and help some of them thru all the turmoil of today’s crazy world. My 3 children are now 22, 19 and 16! We are such a close family. I didn’t marry again. But i am so happy because of my knowledge and understanding of the Church and what it teaches me. Being a patient and obedient child of God, teaches me how to be a patient and respectful parent and friend and sister and daughter and teacher….God Bless you all , time to hit the sack, i went for an hour of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament before i came on here and i prayed for everyone in this discussion. Keep praying for each other…. All manner of things will be well.

  • Barbara C

    Sorry, I cannot be short with my answers.
    Reiki is all about harmony, wellness and caring for each other, letting go of ‘Ego” and coming from your heart with love. It is not a religion and is never to be a religion and it is practiced all over the world. Each country has its traditions and that will become part of a treatment, you find variations therefore with Reiki or Religion. I am familiar with German and British and now USA customs and Reiki has some variations but so has the Catholic Faith between countries. God has no problems with that, he created us all, we are all his children, his language like mine is the one coming from the heart.
    We have many doctors in our hospitals coming from different countries with many different cultures and making contact with their Maker who is God but with a different name. I imagine that occasionally they will pray before an operation, during and after. Could it be that we have foreign doctors in our Catholic hospitals even? The nurses that touch could be the same mixed culture. Will we ask relevant questions and refuse their help if we are Catholic. What if people are Japanese, Indian or other Asian cultures that are also Catholic and in Reiki, what will the church do then and where will the divisions end and how more wars need to be fought? Christianity came from a foreign land we made it Western not God.
    I respect the Bishops, but they are man like all of us and we make rules and mistakes and correct ourselves. I believe that when in March of 2009, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a document declaring the practice of Reiki (pronounced RAY kee) incompatible with Christian teaching and scientific evidence and therefore inappropriate for Catholic institutions to promote or support, they made a mistake. When they call it in appropriate for Catholic institutions they also condem the practitioners. The sadness I have is that they were badly informed when making the decision and are now causing a huge rift and divisions between their Catholic people. My God and Father brought me on this journey, at a time when there is so much hurt amongst his children. I serve my brothers and sisters from my heart, I give them Reiki when the hospitals do not treat them for lack of money or being able to do more for them. I give them hope, I am there even though they cannot pay me. You are telling me to stay home and do nothing? Will the church find enough people that can replace me?
    Are we concerned about maintaining an old institution full of making rules but slow in catching up to today’s needs, or are we better to have our eyes open and reach out to help each other with any gift given to us by God and help those in need. God created us, Jesus told us to heal each other, he used the gift of touch and so do we Reiki practitioners. Sometimes we need to break out of restrictions created out of ignorance this would not be the first time. I bless you all and allow you your believes, take as much time as you need to catch up with my level of understanding. My God is with me every day, not only on Sundays. I carry out his work, I have not got time to be reading the bible so much anymore, I am doing what the bible says, love each other and be your brother’s keeper. Man seems to have changed it too much to suit himself and to control others. I want my Catholic church to stop wars, to fight against prisoners ill treatment and the execution. Stop children go hungry and people suffer lack of health care. Stop signing death papers for hospitals when the patient is not brain dead or the family is against it. Stop the abuse of children and bring the abusers to justice., than we can continue the conversation. Love and Light to us All, Barbara C

  • Maria

    Dear Sylvia

    Just wanted to respond to a few of your comments:
    1) in the past ( Feb. 2013) I noticed you mentioned that the “receiver needs to be open to the energy” and that you pray before offering the therapy.
    I need to help clarify this issue of “receiving energy” . Catholics need to be open to receive the Holy Spirit, the third person , the trinity, and not the “energy”. Catholics are to pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit and not “energy” God made energy…He is the Creator of all “matter”. The energy you are speaking of is from an Eastern belief of energy healing medicine which stemmed from Usi’s enlightenment and vision of the Medicine Buddha, where he became more interested in learning about “energy healing therapies”. Hope this helps

    • Sylvia D

      Barbara C pretty much summed it all up. I, like her, have no time to explain a practice that Catholics don’t want explained. Like Barbara said, God is with me all the time not just on Sundays or days of obligation. I’d rather talk about helping those that need help. Whatever kind of help that may be.

  • Maria

    Dear Sylvia

    I am an RN and am obligated to be aware and respectful of my patient’s cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs. Yet the Reiki practitioners can offer Reiki to a catholic patient without informing them that it is from Eastern Belief system and that it is not scientifically proven? In addition I have my Masters in Healthcare Ethics and am concern that patient’s autonomy is being overridden by practitioners of Reiki offering these therapies without informing patients of the origin of it. If you are Catholic and offering Reiki regardless of what the Church is teaching, that is on you. But it is unethically to offer it to unknowing and vulnerable patients in a hospital setting, especially if you are an RN offering it. Often the patient may feel that it is safe because you are an RN; however they are unaware that you were not trained nor license to offer Reiki to them.
    In addition, Reiki practitioners are not trained nor have to be licensed ; however they can offer the therapy ( which is not scientifically proven) to unknowing patients and charge them? Is that ethical?

    When Jesus gave us Gifts of the Holy Spirit to use to minister to those who are in need of healing, he said: Freely I give you these gifts and freely you shall give them to others. Meaning, we should not expect nor request pay for using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit for it is Jesus that does the healing and not the practitioner. You cannot mix Reiki with Jesus . They are not the same.
    God Bless

  • Margaret

    hello Barbara, you are clearly a woman with a good heart and have devoted yourself to good.
    But we as Catholics cannot deny the wrongs being done, (as you pointed out), we must not ever advocate or collaborate in what is wrong. There is something seriously wrong with our world when we refuse food or medicine to an elderly person. I agree with all of these things that you have pointed out. The world has gone crazy and forgotten how to love. We follow Jesus example. Jesus said to Peter, ‘ I give you the keys of the Kingdom, you are the rock, and upon this rock, i will build my church’. If you come back to the church and pray and you clearly have such a good heart, God will bring you to a place where you will be able to extend the very same compassion healing, entirely in Jesus’ name. the church needs people with a heart like yours. But you must be a sister to everyone IN CHRIST…in His CHURCH, and you will see many more miracles than you ever dreamed possible on this earth. JESUS IS THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE….

  • Len Thomas

    Is this site a conversation about REIKI or is it a discussion about how the Bishops arrived at their conclusions about REIKI. The Bishops arived at their conclusions by studing what was disclosed about REIKI from the net, when I researched the net about REIKI i could not find any substance as to what REIKI really was, so I would agree that by searching the net nobody coulsd find any information to validate “What REIKI IS”let alone what makes it work. So where were they left, nowhere to go but to make the decissions and statements that they did. That is the way we have to look at it. But many know that REIKI is effective if you know how to observe it and that in reality there is a limited number who in reality know what it really is. Most of the alleged users are in fact Spiritual Healers and take on the negative energy of the client, that does not happen with a person who has had the attunement performed correctly. So again I ask the Question; Are we discussing the Bishops conclusions or are we talking about this phenomum called REIKI and in my opinion the Bishops have it wrong because their conclusions are based on incorrect information. So keep to the subject. Blesings

    • Maria

      Dear Len
      The conversation is not how the Bishops came upon their decision but it is to clarify whether Catholic should be offering or promoting Reiki . The Bishops made it easy for us. They issued a document in March of 2009 “Guidelines for evaluating reiki” and from then on, Catholics were instructed not to offer or receive Reiki. I am curious however, how did you arrive at your conclusion that the Bishops obtained info only through the internet and made their decision based on that info?

      I recently had to compile research regarding Reiki for a Capstone project for my Masters in Healthcare Ethics. Over the course of three years , I compiled many articles, books as well as websites regarding Reiki. The information obtained confirms the Bishops’ concerns that Reiki conflicts with the teachings of The Catholic Church. It is based on eastern belief systems which does not support Catholic doctrine. It deals with an spiritual ceremony which Mr Willian Rand and Pamela Miles both Reiki Masters , identify has a spiritual ceremony. Mr Rand has his book on-line which one can easily purchase. I did , so I could learn about Reiki from a Reiki Master’s viewpoint. I did not want to be bias nor obtained my info from just web sites> I had to obtained info from reputable sites for the capstone.

      Mr Rand also indicated that spirit guides were present at the attunement process which conflicts with the Catholic faith.

      The Catholic Church takes its time researching information. In fact, I get frustrated has to why it takes them so much time. But we can see just from them banning Reiki, how important it is that they conduct such a thorough research.

      So I disagree with your comments totally. We need to show facts not just views regarding this issue. Non bias facts can be found on the government agency web site for CAM “The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. This site clearly states that Reiki energy is based on Eastern Belief system and that there is “NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE THAT THIS ENERGY EXIST”

      Hope this helps
      God Bless

      • marion

        some will argue that there is “NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE THAT GOD EXISTS”
        But this argument can go on and on and on. It’s about perception. My perception is based on my personal experiences and my own relationship with God/Jesus.
        Fear is not a good thing to dwell on. Peace be with you all.

      • marion

        some will argue that there is “NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE PROVES THAT GOD EXISTS”
        But this argument can go on and on and on. It’s about perception. My perception is based on my personal experiences and my own relationship with God/Jesus.
        Fear is not a good thing to dwell on. Peace be with you all.

        • Maria

          The National Center for CAM (NCCAM) is authorized by the Government to define and facilitate research on CAM therapies such as Reiki. So there is no argument here. The government agency is supplying this information.
          In addition, when Catholics do not receive or promote Reiki it is not out of fear but out of obedience to the Catholic Church along with an understanding of why we are not allowed to receive it.

          At the same time, I must stressed that we have the Gifts of The Holy Spirit which include the gift of healing and miracles…these are pure gifts which directly come from the Holy Spirit and not “energy ” from Eastern Beliefs. Please note: I am not going against their practice but only noting that as a Catholic we have been told not to receive it or promote it etc so those that do regardless of the instructions we have been given, are going against Jesus.

          Someone noted that we are pointing out another’s sin and that Jesus does not want us to do that etc. But when we are sharing the truth, we are not pointing the person out but rather identifying the sin that is being done based on the teachings of our Catholic Church


  • IMarion

    Interesting about yoga
    Reiki is another form of healing.
    Has anyone read what Hindus believe & the stories in their Holy book? Catholics have a lot of the same stories different ppl. Oh and the trinity Hindus believe in a trinity.
    It’s sad how much limitations we humans put on God.

  • IMarion

    Last week I was sending healing to someone and I felt the presence of the Blessed Mother. I continued to pray over her. I asked the girl afterwards if she knew anyone devoted to the Blessed Mother because I thought this girl was native American, she told me her mom was. I told the mother about Mary’s presence & she was starting to cry bc she said she has been praying to her to on her child’s behalf. Saturday I was doing a healing on anothet person & when I put my hands in front of her heart I saw red and Jesus appeared to me. I knew this person was not religous & didn’t know what she believed. I told her Jesus appeared to me when I was healing her & she started to cry. She said she started reading the bible & trying to find how Christ fits into her life. Reiki brings ppl healing & peace. Healing is healing & it comes in many forms.

  • Lukia Tan

    I found it interesting that Reiki practitoners have a Litany of Reiki Masters the way we have Litany of Saints. Here is the proof.

    Litany of Reiki Masters

    Masters send us Reiki.
    Masters send us Reiki.

    Usui send us Reiki.
    Usui send us Reiki.

    Masters send us Reiki.
    Masters send us Reiki.

    Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata
    send Reiki for us.

    Barbara Brown and Wanja Twan
    send Reiki for us.

    Sterling Marie Sexton
    send Reiki for us.

    Dr. Anne McMurty
    send Reiki for us.

    Phyllis Lei Furumoto
    send Reiki for us

    Carell Farmer
    send Reiki for us.

    Leah Smith
    send Reiki for us.

    William Lee Rand
    send Reiki for us.

    All you Reiki Masters
    Send Reiki for us.

    Elizabeth A. Gilberg
    send Reiki for us.

    Rick and Emma Fergusen
    send Reiki for us.

    Margaret L. Shelton
    send Reiki for us.

    Kathleen M. Milner
    send Reiki for us.

    Richard Robert Rivard
    send Reiki for us.

    All you Reiki Masters
    Send Reiki for us.

    Masters be merciful
    Save your people

    Don’t hold back your symbols
    Save your people

    Raise their spiritual vibration
    Save your people

    By the power of initiation
    Save your people

    Chokurei Seiheki and Honsazeshonen
    Save your people

    Followed by the Spirit of Daikomyo
    Initiate your people

    Have mercy on all the people
    Save your people

    Masters, hear us.
    Reiki Masters hear our prayer

    Masters give new light
    Hear our prayer
    To these initiates
    Hear our prayer

    By the Grace of Initiation
    Hear our prayer

    Oh Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki
    Hear our prayer

    On your lineage of initiates
    Hear our prayer

    Who’ve been initiated
    Hear our Prayer

  • Carla

    Has it also been mentioned that in order o become a Reiki ‘Master’…you will be asked for thousands of dollars? I am very grateful to you Mary Ellen Barrett, for your work in fighting the good fight and teaching the true Faith. Marion is a perfect example of what Reiki is all about…God is not Glorified, the vulnerabilities of poor souls are taken advantage of for a personal feeling of power and they are not being lead by these so-called ‘healers and channellers, to the One source of Life and Salvation, Jesus Christ.

  • Carla

    Has it also been mentioned that in order to become a Reiki ‘Master’…you will be asked for thousands of dollars? I am very grateful to you Mary Ellen Barrett, for your work in fighting the good fight and teaching the true Faith. Marion is a perfect example of what Reiki is all about…God is not Glorified, the vulnerabilities of poor souls are taken advantage of for a personal feeling of power and they are not being lead by these so-called ‘healers and channelers, to the One source of Life and Salvation, Jesus Christ.

  • Carla

    Also, if we will read in the lives of the Saints we can learn from them that Satan often comes to us in our contemplative life as this ‘feel good, feels like I’m so close to God’ type of experience. This is not the cross, the way, the truth but a temptation from Satan…Jesus does give us consolations but usually, after we have experienced the gift of the Holy Spirit being the fear of the Lord. If Christians are not vigilant they can be easily deceived by these false spirits. God uses our sufferings to bring about a great good; those who are attached to what ‘feels good and comfortable’ and not being rooted firmly in the Word of God and in the Holy Doctrines of our faith are too easily seduced by this tool of the enemy (Satan who fashions himself into an angel of light) and then to top it off, we must have the humility to see when we have in fact, been duped. Because what matters in the end is not feeling good, and ‘feeling’ close to God (Christ did not feel close to God when He cried from the Cross “My God My God why have you abandoned me?”) but in BEING close to God by Way of taking up our own little crosses each day and hoping for the glory of His Kingdom, which is not of this world. “To him that shall overcome, I will give to sit with me in my throne: as I also have overcome, and am set down with my Father in his throne.” Through the Blood of Christ, our own testimony, and our humble TRUST (we are called sheep by our Lord…not foxes) we must work (the violent take the Kingdom by force) to overcome the devil, the world, and most challengingly: our own flesh/self-love/pampering.

  • Martha Desrosiers

    It is a shame that my fellow Catholics demonize what they do not understand, repeating the horrific history of the Dark Ages. In short – thow shalt not judge, lest you be judged, healing comes only from God, not from the Devil acting like God, so if healing takes place, it is from God, period. God gave a command – LOVE – I know no better way than to love your neighbor than by sharing a healing art. God said to His apostles – in remembrance of me – heal the sick. He did not say use Western Medicine only. laying of hands was much in use centuries before. A hug has a healing capacity – if you have not experienced it, I am saddened by your lack of communication with your fellow humans. I do not practice Reiki, but Healing Touch. However, I respect all fields of medicine that heal and am ashamed of the Catholics who seem to be holier than thow and who call all things not understood as coming from Satan. Satan is alive and well in our world, just look around. He doesn’t need to be healing anyone nor is he capable of it. Those who heal, heal through the Power of God.

  • Sylvia D

    Wow! Carla, you are the perfect example of ignorance. I am about to be certified as a master and it will be $200. This will include the class, the manual and a meal. So………… :O

  • Carla

    We demonize what we do understand because we can smell the work of demons which is a gift from the Holy Spirit (I was a certified yoga instructor in my former life and have close friends and family members practicing Reiki). As a carholic RN I am happy to be free from Healing Touch Therapy that I was involved in for about a year which was a remnant of the darkness God delivered me from before my conversion fourteen years ago. The thousands was many many years ago in Los Angeles. I thank the author, Maria Ellen, for providing the link to the Bishops official document. Are there any similar documents from Rome?

    • Maria

      Hi Carla

      Yes, besides the United States Conference of catholic Bishops document re Reiki their is a document from Rome which covers New Age therapies as a whole. It is a lengthy document but one that may shed some light on the concerns associated with reiki and other New Age linked therapies such as Therapeutic Touch. Even Yoga is highlighted in this document with a warning for Catholics because of its origin with Hinduism . We are not judging other faiths but merely obedient to the teachings of our Catholic Faith.

      You might want to check out EWTN which is a great place to look into truths re New Age therapies. Susan Brinkman is well known author in this field. Also will find a link to the document I suggest all review called JESUS CHRIST THE BEARER OF THE WATER OF LIFE: A CHRISTIAN REFLECTION ON THE NEW AGE written by Pontifical Council for Culture, Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue (2003)
      I pray this will help all , in Jesus Name
      God Bless

  • IMarion

    You do know about the mystism of the Catholic church & hands on healing?
    Anyway your opinion doesnt matter to me. My experiences in life and my relationship with God is my journey. You know what it means to judge others. I’ll let Jesus be my judge.

    • Maria

      Dear Carla

      If Jesus is your Judge as you say, then you should be concern to follow what His teachings read. For yes He is a Merciful but also a Just Judge and if we continue to ignore His teachings and pick and choose what we want to do, then we will most certainly be judge.

      None who are sharing the truth from the true teachings and document of the catholic Church are judging and I am concern that you feel this way. What all who share the teaching of the Church are truly in love sharing what it is written by the Bishops and by the Pope. If you have a problem obeying them and see them as mere humans without any authority, that will lead you down the wrong path.

      I am sure in your heart you only want to help people, but after learning that what you are doing can cause spiritual harm and is against Catholic faith, and you continue to do so, you are doing so against God’s will. With all these alarms out there…with so many trying to be messengers and not judges…why are many still determine to go it their own way…Is it oride?

      For we have the Gifts of the Holy Spirit which are not the same as Energy medicine and therapeutic touch or Reiki…it is not the same…it may “look the same” which satan is known to do and by mimicking the same thing” doesn’t mean it is good.

      So, I pray with all God’s Holy Angels and St Michael The ArchAngel that you will at least read the scripture re laying on of Hands in The Name of Jesus not in reiki…nor can you say that you use Jesus Name when using Reiki…you cannot mix the two…must choose for God or against Him

      God bless


    • Maria

      Dear Marion

      I just wanted to clarify who I addressed the previous response to: it was meant for you and not Carla. So forgive me to both of you.

      In addition, I wanted to clarify a typo…the word I meant to say was “pride” but the letter p was missing and what came out was oride.

      Thank you

  • Barbara Carlton

    I agree with Marion and many others and from this this point your opinion does not matter anymore. I hold on to my God who is your God and everybodies God. In the beginning I hoped to bring some education some clarity some love into the conversation, but this is a tit for tat, everybody speaking and nobody listening. The frustration is starting create sides, dividing people, when it is all about love tolerance and understanding as Jesus taught us.
    Maybe there need to be two types of Catholics, those that blindly obey, and those that recognise and use the gift of thinking given to them by God. Those that come from their hearts to their brothers and sisters everywhere, and those that stick to a rigid structure ie. like the world is flat. Those that act like Jesus asked us to or those that interpret the bible, and always to their end, and therefore not having time to help and heal. Blessings from God to us All and much Love, Barbara C

  • Katherine

    Reiki’s dangerous. This is my conclusion having been drained of energy by a reiki practitioner who, I don’t doubt, had the best intentions in the world and only wanted to bring “love” and “light” into it and other people’s lives. Not everyone feels they have access to Christianity, or are open to considering it as a religion. Child-abuse scandals don’t help, and neither do things like anti-semitic content in the gospels (yes, even the Priest of my local church, very well educated indeed, will admit that the gospels are “full of anti-semitism”, something Jewish people are well aware of), or a patch of burning women at the stake. People want God, they think this thing called “light” must be god, they have no ancestral or formative connection to formalised religion, and this kind of stuff scoops them up. I actually think reiki is sinister and should be absolutely avoided, but I also think the majority of reiki practitioners are hooked into a false teaching through no fault of their own. I was sucked dry by a reiki practitioner and spiritualist just by sitting on a bus with her and talking for a couple of hours. Do I think she intended to do me harm? Absolutely not. Do I think she’s swept up in a set of spiritual practices that have her by the tail? Yes, I do. Did I feel quite wonderful after sitting next to her for so long and talking about “healing” etc? Yes, I had a great day. Did I feel like I had actually lost blood overnight when I woke up this morning? Yes, I did. I felt like I was losing blood all day until I looked at what might have happened yesterday and started searching google for other opinions on reiki. This could be labelled a “healing crisis” by a reiki practitioner. A “good” sign that my energy blocks are shifting. Or, it could be that I have been drained of energy by someone who is caught in a practice that drains energy and who, probably unconsciously, seeks it from other people because she is being drained fairly continuously. My opinion is that this is black magic. Stay away from it or if you do come in contact, look at what happens to you over a 24-48 hour period and evaluate it for yourself. I think it is so dangerous that you should make an intervention with the process – if you do experience it – well before the 48 hour mark. Turn to God and get the thing that has latched onto you off your back. Don’t take your exhaustion as a sign that you need another reiki “treatment” – you will just be feeding someone else again and enter the spiral. Reiki isn’t a game or a joke, or some pleasant benign pastime, this is a black entity and it will feed on you.

  • Len Thomas

    “And John said, ‘Master, we saw someone casting out demons in Your name, and we forbade him because he does not follow with us.’
    And Jesus said to him, ‘Do not forbid him, for he who is not against us, is for us’.” (Luke 9:49,50, NKJ)
    What Does The Passage Mean?
    The context is always important. What had been going on before John made the statement? Did he just make this remark “out of the blue?” No. we must believe John’s statement is connected to what had been going on. John and the others had been fussing among themselves about who was the greatest (see: Luke 9:46-48 and Mark 9:33-37). In these early days with Christ, these men were immature spiritually; so, they said and did things that called for correction. I believe John was simply asserting their loyalty, the only way they knew how. They had done something they thought would merit the Lord’s praise, and, perhaps, gain some great position in His kingdom. Too, they felt that keeping personal company with the Lord made them “better” than others and qualified to “forbid” those who weren’t so privileged.

    The passage reflects the early immaturity of the apostles. And it teaches that those who are living and working in the name of Christ (by His authority) are not to be forbidden, even if they are unknown to us.
    “And John said, ‘Master, we saw someone casting out demons in Your name, and we forbade him because he does not follow with us.’ And Jesus said to him, ‘Do not forbid him, for he who is not against us, is for us’.”

    • Barbara Carlton

      Dear Len and Carla,

      Thank you Len for bringing such simple clarity to the confusion.

      Perhaps the church is already split, we know now more about Maria Magdalena, however, nothing really has changed. There are urgent issues of equalities that need to be looked at, the church needs to speak open about bankers, the rich, the politicians, the abusers before they pick on people that simply wish to serve the human condition. I feel much in harmony with our new Pope, he humbly wants to live and serve. There are big issues out there, no time to pick on each other, our Father, my Father, what is wrong in being in harmony and contact with him by myself. I think I can move faster, act from my heart and be of help quicker than looking around waiting for approval. How many may die while I wait. Did you hear of the many shootings, people desperate, going hungry. Sick people going around begging for money in the hope our institutions might safe them. Do you know that you are health insured while you work. If you cannot work any longer you are let go and the insurance runs out and you are not covered anymore. Any opinion on that, should the church not speak up or at least have an opinion that is known by all.
      I am German, In the last war the church knew what was happening in Germany and the Jews, they did not speak up either. The church or some of it’s members today speak up about trivial matters, Reiki does not let people die or starve or beg to live. Concentrate on what is important instead of reflecting and picking on alternative healers.
      “And John said, ‘Master, we saw someone casting out demons in Your name, and we forbade him because he does not follow with us.’ And Jesus said to him, ‘Do not forbid him, for he who is not against us, is for us’.” Today it would be “them”, as women rank almost equal in the world, except the church.
      I think you (plural) need to concentrate on what you did before you picked on us healers.
      We healers always simply concentrated on the gift given to us to heal, so let us serve in peace and do our work. May God protect you in case you need help and the only available help is a Reiki or Energy Healer. Bless you, B

      • Carla

        I’m glad you just speak volumes about yourself Barbara….but as for the Catholic Church during WWII, the Pope and the Church did so much to help and save thousand of Jews that even Albert Einstein was impressed.

        • Carla

          The Catholic Church is also the world’s largest charitable organization, feeding the hungry, sheltering and educating the poor, fighting for victims of violence and against abortion and euthanasia, building hospitals and serving the sick, visiting prisoners, healing those wounded by the painful reality of their abortion (Rachel’s Vineyard)…the list is almost inexhaustible.

  • IMarion

    Actually Maria your mistake naming Carla to that post of yours was a misyake for a reason ;).
    Sorry again I am very much in tune with God/Jesus. He speaks to me directly & i guess because I’ve had so much loss in my life from a very young age He’s answered the prayers I had after my died He’s truly given me knowledge and a greater understanding. My prayers have been answered & I’ve seen some remarkable miracles bestowed on my family, especially through terminal illness.
    I will pray for you to hear the voice of God/Jesus speak directly to you & that you too experince some of the miracles I have been shown.

  • IMarion

    Very true Len. The new testiment was also written in Greek & there was much lost in translation. I dated a Greek and we discussed the Bible & compared. Really wish I read and understood Greek.

  • Carla

    Maria, I love you and thank God for you <3 + Ave Maria! The point about Jesus telling His disciples to allow those who are healing in His Name, for whoever is not against us is for us, is a good point because Reiki is not in His Name and does not bring souls to become His baptized disciples and by the remarks of those on this thread who are Reiki practitioners we can see that they are not for us but against us as they speak against His Church and the authority given to her. Impostors are they and in deep murky waters. My opinion counts for nothing but I stand with Christ and His Church. All praise and honor and glory be to Jesus Christ who is Lord!

  • Carla

    You can tell a phony detractor also by their divisiveness like Barbara who is saying we should have two churches and not one…with her slick use of words about being a thinker instead of a faithful follower. Shame on her.

    • Barbara Carlton

      Dear Carla,
      Thank you for your not so kind words, looks like we have a split of church indeed. I am a thinker and a doer. Is that not what Jesus did? With so much suffering should we not downgrade our judgements and give a hand anyway we can. And use our brain and wonder why we have nothing better to do but judge and think how wonderful we are? Waken up, it is in the doing of good and not about talking about it. If something helps it has been given by God. You can wrap it anyway you want, perhaps praying is more helpful than thinking we know it all.
      I try to do good, if I am wrong God will judge me by my intent, not whether I use German, British or USA or any other custom. Good is everywhere and created everybody and everything. I am like the Red Cross, I help first and the politicians and church are not relevant. I let God decide. I also believe and use homeopathic medicine and herbs, could that be from the devil also? Just wondering……………… Bless you, B

  • Carla

    “Although the individual bishops do not enjoy the prerogative of infallibility, they can nevertheless proclaim Christ’s doctrine infallibly. This is so, even when they are dispersed around the world, provided that while maintaining the bond of unity among themselves and with Peter’s successor, and while teaching authentically on a matter of faith or morals, they concur in a single viewpoint as the one which must be held conclusively. This authority is even more clearly verified when, gathered together in an ecumenical council, they are teachers and judges of faith and morals for the universal Church. Their definitions must then be adhered to with the submission of faith” (Lumen Gentium 25).

  • Carla

    Dear Barbara, Why do you feel judged? The Church has judged Reiki to be incompatible to the Christian faith. Is this what makes you feel judged? The Church is also grieved by schismatic behavior and those who work to draw others away from the Catholic Church and her teaching. Is this why you feel judged? “I am like the Red Cross, I help first and the politicians and church are not relevant.” Is this an example of thinking ourselves wonderful? Christ also had some not-so-kind words for the hypocrites that surrounded Him, calling then a brood of vipers. I agree with you about prayer being more important than thinking that we know it all, and I go further to say along with the Church, that after the Sacraments, prayer is the most important thing that do. Therefore, I offer to God for you today, my Holy Communion and my Rosary prayer, Barbara. Because Christ died for all, and I must die for Him.

  • Carla

    Regarding the question of whether homeopathic medicine and/or herbal remedies are of the devil, the answer I think is relatively simple: if the science shows evidence of it being physically beneficial the Church approves its use because the Church is not in conflict with science…but as a nurse I have seen a great number of holistic health practitioners using spiritual practices contrary to the Christian faith right along with their supplements, alternative therapies, etc., so the Christian should use prudent discernment. Back flower remedies, do not show effectiveness scientifically and they are used for spiritual and emotional cures and are described as ‘vibrational energies’…these would be ‘of the devil’ as you say…and I think the reason is that these kinds of ‘healing modalities’ detract us from seeking Christ who is the True Physician and they tempt us to be in control and make ourselves our own gods. Pax et Bonum.

    • Barbara Carlton

      Hi Carla,
      I wonder what Christ would have to say about Monsanto and adding chemicals into our foods and killing insects and bees as well as other animals and people.
      What about the sawdust in our bread and hormons in our milk and the glue that sticks your roast together, what about the lack of nutrtion in our foods?
      I happen to believe Bachflower remedy as well, you need to understand the principles it works on. I treat also with light and sound and color, it helps all, but much more if there is a lack of these things in a persons life. There is a reason why the light is around us, the colors can be seen in a rainbow. Those colors are also in us giving energy, there is a purpose for the colors in nature, even the stones in the ground have colors for a purpose. We can stay blind to those things, or we can open our mind and at least wonder. Would God make all these things for no purpose? Than God made men and men is slow in learning so men ignored plants, or pretends to ignore plants and creates the healing the plants give as a chemical. Guess what, many people die and healing became a covering up of sickness, like brushing dirt under the carpet hoping nobody finds out.
      I am 67 and so far do not need medication, I take herbs and spices to keep me healthy, I avoid radiation and bad food. I feel blessed by God and have Joy in my heart. I hope you have the same.
      I have a doctor that I see twice year, he listens to my ways of staying healthy and is impressed and asks what I do and I tell him my alternative ways and often he takes notes. I think he is hoping to find more ideas of how to help his patients Blessings as always, B

      • Carla

        If you read your Bible you can hear what He says, Barbara… He says that this whole world as we know it and even the earth and sky and stars will ALL pass away but that His Word will not ever pass away. As far as all this joy and peace that you have in your heart, I feel sickened by this conversation, but I accept sorrows and sadness along with the joys as I place all my trust and hope in Jesus. I prayed and received Communion for you. Jesus is my health and my salvation!

        • Barbara Carlton

          Carla, The bible was written and re-written and translated as men remembered it years after, Jesus was with us. Look at our interpretations, each of us coming from our culture our up-bringing have different experiences. I speak a few languages and know translating has it’s problems. Different countries introduced their traditions and ways of making religion part of their system. The USA is not representing the whole catholic church and system, there are many countries where the church links with the countries politics.
          And no God’s word will never pass away he said we are brothers and sisters, he knew we have different cutures and languages and the problem that can cause. He therefore wants us to come from our heart, as simple as that, we do not know the whole picture. I believe man makes mistakes and church make mistakes, so instead of proofing right and wrong let’s agree to disagree. I love you, and I know you want to do the right thing, so do I. I will pray to my God for you, and one day we will realise that there is only one God the same God and we behaved silly.
          I have to retreat as I have much to do this week. Many Blessings, B

    • Maria

      Praise Jesus! Barbara
      I love your response here. I am a nurse as well and am concern of the many alternative therapies that are being offered to patients who are vulnerable and unaware of the root of these therapies

      God Bless you


  • Carla

    No worries, Barbara. I thought I had read somewhere back that you were calling yourself a Catholic. But after listening to you at length, I understand now that you are not Catholic at all. It’s THAT simple. You prefer to presume to speak for God ( ‘he knew we have different cutures and languages and the problem that can cause. He therefore wants us to come from our heart, as simple as that’) and have greater knowledge than the Catholic Church. Rather than having a healthy fear of the Lord and a knowledge of the final Judgment, you presume to know that one day we will all stand before Him and just say, ‘oh we were so silly” as you continue willfully to choose to be at odds with Christ and His followers. Good Luck to you!!

    • Maria

      Dear Carla

      I do not believe that Barbara is attempting to speak for Christ but merely, out of love, sharing what is written,,,,sharing what the Catholic Church teaches. We are to follow the teachings of our Catholic faith and not pick and choose what we want to believe. That is not relativism…everyone free to do their will. I believe that we are to pray to do God’s Will not our will be done


      • Carla

        Maria, Barbara is not reflecting what the Catholic Church teaches which is that our Bible is an absolute sure source of our faith along with Church interpretation of it, despite many cultures, languages, millennia, and politics as Barbara laments. She did presume and continues to presume to speak from her high and ‘holy’ place to speak for God in telling us that she knows better than the Church what God desires of us. Gotta call a spade, a spade. I know too much about the new age movement to try to white-wash everything the way that they do into oblivion.


  • Kelly

    Carla, I think that the most important point of this article is to enlighten Catholics like myself that Reiki is not the answer. I have repented attending Reiki in ignorance and hope God forgives me. If it was his answer to my pain it would have worked and it did not. I have been to many types of healings in the church and out and honestly prayer and just doing something for someone else in Jesus name works better than Reike or casting out demons etc. Sometimes I laugh at some of the healings where these new agers really think they have the power of God inside them because they are “born again” and make funny noises as they try and cast the demons out of me which is why I supposedly have pain, not the Fibromyalgia. I told my friend after the second time I would not return and she was mad but it did not work at all. I know she really wanted to help me but My Father knows what is best for me and maybe I am supposed to suffer. It definately has built character in me. In my weakest moments sometimes I wish I was dead and that he would let this cup pass from me but that is a cop out. It reminds me of hospice which I am just not comfortable with. I am a caregiver of the elderly and in the hospital the hospice nurse eases the patients out with Morphine. I have been at the bedside when the nurse administers the Lorazepam and then comes back with the two shots of Morphine. They are dead within a minute. Is this what God wants? I don’t think so but I am told it is the kind and merciful way… They call everyone into the room that is family so you can be at their side as they ease them out with strong drugs. This is different I think then removing life support to a person who is brain dead and just being kept alive by machines. I am getting off track but my point being is that sometimes it is better to die suffering then to have someone put you down like an animal. I think that at the final judgement all will be revealed. The human part of me leads me to try anything to stop my pain but it is God given and only he can decide when it will end. I need to pray for the courage to endure my pain instead of looking for faith healers or Reiki masters to remove it which has never worked for me. It is also expensive and if it doesn’t work they should give the money back otherwise they are just snake oil salesmen preying on the sick. With all the people that have prayed over me I should be healed by now but I am not. I am all done with trying Reiki and other means of faith healing. This is just my humble opinion based on my journey and to each their own. Be informed…

    • Maria

      Dear Kelly

      Praise Jesus. Trust that if you have repented in any dealings with Reiki , in the sacrament of confession, Jesus has forgiven you. In regards of the issue of not being healed: I would read today’s readings. I wish I had it with me but if you look on line via EWTN website , I am sure they will have the listing of the scheduled readings for the day. But they were perfect for those who are undergoing suffering, which we all do not escape. Its how we deal with the sufferings that gain sanctification. If we offer our sufferings to Jesus and unite them with Him on the Cross, they carry special merit…can be used in reparation for our sins, those of our family or the world. Can be used for those who continuously refuse to adhere to teachings of the Catholic Church. But your sufferings do not go unnoticed by Jesus. He is with you. God bless all you do for His people in caring for the elderly. Are you a Nurse?
      I understand your concerns re what may look like form of euthanasia. If you ever feel that is being done, you can report it to a nursing supervisor. As a nurse we can give Morphine per MD orders provided the intent is not to kill but to decrease pain. You can also check the web site for Catholic Ethics re Euthanasia etc at National Center for catholic bioethics. I recently graduated with Masters in healthcare ethics and am also very concern that we are not allowing euthanasia. It is illegal as well as unethical.

      Re Healing: please never give up…for His time is not our Time. He also heals in different ways: we may pray for physical but He made give us what we need more which may be spiritual or emotional etc. “Father knows best”.

      I am in awe of your witness and God has given you grace to hang in there.

      Frequent the sacraments will help you…frequent reception of the Holy Eucharist has well as the sacrament of Penance are beautiful ways to help you.

      God bless


    • Carla

      Thanks for sharing your story Kelly. I’m in agreement with you and especially love what you shared about the suffering that builds character that St. Paul describes in Romans 5:3. And your correct understanding of taking up our crosses for with in and through Christ who is our All and the worldthat is to come. I just listened to an excellent homily that I’d like to share here for anyone who’s interested. The title is the errors of Pentacostalism and charismatic renewal but the talk covers Reiki just as well and gives information on true mysticism. It’s 16 mins. Long and well worth hearing:

      Dear Kelly may our Lord bring you His healing and keep you in His peace. I assume you have tried the various B shots?

      Love, Carla

      • Carla

        Sorry but I’m writing on my little phone!

  • Maria

    Dear Friends in Christ

    I am concern that our responses are going to far in that once we have shared the truth, that should be sufficient. It is up to those who hear to adhere and if they choose otherwise, there is noting left to do but to continue to pray and give them to Jesus…Lord into Your Hands I commit the spirit of all those who continue to practice Reiki regardless of what they have been told. In Jesus Name I pray and seal all that I have written in the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. with the protection of St Michael the Arch-Angel by myside.

    Someone mentioned how they felt despite what the Bishops have said they will continue to offer Reiki because it brings healings and their intent is to heal and do good so God will judge them on their heart and intent to do good. Not necessarily true in this case because you have been informed that Reiki and other New Age therapies are not compatible with the teachings of the catholic Church so if you continue to offer it despite what the Church teachings then you are flowing on pride and disobedience. Pride in that you feel that your way is the best way. wrong. It is God’s way that is the best way.

    Documents have been shared to clarify the reasons why Catholics are not to use , offer or accept Reiki :
    1) United States Conference of Catholic Bishops “Guidelines for evaluating Reiki as an alternative therapy” March 2009; (2) Pontifical Council for culture, Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue (2003) Jesus Christ the bearer of the water of life: A Christian reflection on the New Age.

    There is also info from the government that identifies the lack of scientific evidence which supports Reiki…there is no scientific evidence that Reiki even exist yet people are hanging up signs offering Reiki at a cost without license or certification ( which is not required) nor education. Reiki therapist call themselves therapist is deceptive in that they are trained and receive this reiki energy during an “attunement ” process that is accompanied by spirit guides and receive the energy that they claim they use from a reiki Master who transfers it to them. This is not education obtained from a college or certificate program. It is a spiritual ceremony.

    So why aren’t the charasamatic catholics using their gifts more. Where are those who trained as Charasmatic Catholics in the Life in the spirit seminars, using their gifts. Nurses who have the gifts of the Holy Spirit should be using their gifts. Not Reiki…not new age

    I pray this helps

    Also, I would like to hear fruits from these conversations. Are they helping anyone ?God Bless

  • Barbara C

    Hi to All that are interested,

    The fruits from these conversations for me are as such, I teach on Reiki and it teaches love and connecting with our Maker. It teaches reaching out and giving a hand to our brothers and sisters of any faith and culture in the hope we can join the world as God, Jesus and Maria wants us to.
    We need P E A CE, we are destroying the planet, and your words sadly divide. Faith has brought many wars, and we fight over the same God, perhaps by a different name. The way to God can be many a path, does not matter if you are Christian or Hindu. Sadly, Christians choose to fight over Catholic, Protestant and so on, I am saddened. God says ‘Be still and know I am God”
    Now we even fight amongst ourselves because Reiki came back into our lives, the ability to heal with hands was recorded in the bible, and why did we loose those skills? Most of the other complementary modalities we also had in the past, we the Christians burned those people. Now we are chemically dependant for our health, often we cannot afford the costs, but many people die senselessly being killed by the side effects of the medicine. Has any of you looked at those figures lately. I work in hospitals I have seen much, where is the church, does it have any opinion on why people die being killed by drugs? Where is the church when the justice system kills. I wonder how many people have died innocent. Please have an opinion and so something there.
    Jesus laying on off hands is similar to Reiki, for all we know it maybe the same. He guides our hands and decides on the healing, we are only the channel of the energy and not the source. We are spirits that are walking our path as humans, and we will be spirits again and all meet in heaven. Why don’t we wait a little longer when we all will see who is right and who is wrong. Perhaps there is no right and wrong, maybe there are those that move slowly with a large body of people holding each other back in fear. Than there are those that have that little spark of independence, that see the need in the world and use their brain (a gift given by GOD) and Reiki also a gift of God. Good is good, Reiki heals so it must be good. It does not request you to change your believe system, your faith.
    Stop needing to be right, people need help more than ever, Reiki helps, it strengthens your immune system and your body has a chance to heal itself. Christians pray to our God for the energy, leave your judgement for a later day and instead give a helping hand now and some love to your brothers and sisters, that is what is the churches teaches after all. The bible is teaching L O V E from one to all and all to one. The rest does not really seem important anymore.
    I will include you all in my prayers and healing. Love and Light, Barbara

  • Carla

    Barbara you are so clearly under the influence of demonic powers and you espouse relativism which is something that the Church vehemently opposes. The healing that you claim to promote has the body as the end all which is materialism. Your problem dear Barbara is like all new-agers: you are spiritually sick and you do not recognize it. We can only pray for you.

    • Carla

      That little ‘spark of independence’ is your own fear and pride. Christ said that if we will lose ourselves for Him, we will have Life. But he that loves and seeks to keep his own life in this world loses big time. Do not be afraid,He repeats often, because He knows that it is a little scary to lose ourselves in order to be found in Him.

  • Carla

    ”Reiki heals so it must be good’ is repeating the story of Eve, the apple, and the serpent. Oh Barbara! Is it possible that you could be mistaken?

  • Carla

    Reiki does not require you to change? How is that healing? Jesus says repent! And believe in Him…Christ constantly challenges us to change by turning to Him.

  • Barbara Carlton

    I am confused,
    Are we talking about the same situation? I am connected to God and speak to him daily, actually he is part of me and my life all the time, I believe in Christ and often see him in my meditations. What is wrong with you people, why do I feel I am set back by 20 plus years, get a life.
    You indeed no nothing about energy healing, in fact you are not interested to understand it, so why are we even talking.
    Be Blessed, Barbara

    • Carla

      Dear Barbara, my mom often sees Jesus and Mary in her meditations but this does not make her a Christian. I live with her and love her so much but her understanding of who Christ is, is not actually of Christ. It might be someday, I always hope, but it isn’t now. She too is an ‘energy worker’ and Reiki master, so I’m quite familiar with the whole concept. I promise to fast and pray for you both. This whole thing is a spiritual warfare and it is that because there is a right and wrong, there is Truth and error, there is real Peace and false peace, there is real Light and false light, there is true awakening and false awakening…it is not a personal thing at all, I am sure that you are such a lovely person. Please know that each of my words to you have been for the sole intent to combat the errors and not your precious soul. I have a hatred for everything new-age, perhaps because my pride hates the fact that I was so duped by it myself in the past, and it is nothing but the Grace of God that saved me and no doubt the prayers and sacrifices of God’s people. I now have a peace in Christ that is not dependent upon outer circumstances (my health, my finances, being free from pain and suffering, etc.,)…I guess that would be a good measure of the reality. We Catholics do not always agree with each other but at the end of the day we submit to Christ in each other. Anyway, I hope you know, if not now, then someday at least, that if you feel torn down by me, it was in the spirit of charity because there again is true charity and false charity. Perhaps I acted with too much confidence (arrogance?) and a lack of gentleness…please forgive me these faults. I am still learning to rely more on God and not myself and to speak and act with true humility is an ever present challenge. I love my faith too, so I get passionate about defending Her (the Church).
      + Pax Christi +

  • Sylvia D

    Barbara, I totally agree. You have to learn to pick your battles. Somethings are not worth arguing. We know what we have seen and felt. They know only what they have been told to be right. Apparently, the Bishops and the Pope are more powerful than God Himself. Saying anything else to defend or explain Reiki on this Site is futile as, they are not looking to learn about something they know nothing about. They are ready to criticize with closed eyes and mind because the Bishop say so. On that Note, let it be. Do not let this disturb your peace. Have a great day one and all. Namaste.

  • Sylvia D

    I can tell you are an attention seeker as you are the one dominating this conversation. If you read your bible you must be familiar with this excerpt from Matthew : ” We must judge ourselves, and judge of our own acts, but not make our word a law to everybody. We must not judge rashly, nor pass judgment upon our brother without any ground. We must not make the worst of people. Here is a just reproof to those who quarrel with their brethren for small faults, while they allow themselves in greater ones.”

    Enjoy as you will get no more attention from me.
    Have a great day.

    • Carla

      I could take the time to try to discourse with you this verse that you have brought up from Matthew which I find nowhere so worded in any Catholic Bible but I don’t think your point was to have a discussion (something that should be very healthy). You have used it to make a personal attack about my character, however, you forget that while you have one finger pointing at me regarding ‘rash judgments’ you’ve got three pointing back at yourself. I find it interesting that you call me an ‘attention seeker’ because this is very much a fruit of Reiki and other new-age practices. The domination characterization also is another fruit of Reiki described very well above by: Katherine June 7, 2013 at 11:17 pm who was utterly drained by Reiki treatments.

      I hope and pray that any future souls reading this thread will know the truth about Reiki and be set free from it. I hope and pray too that they would listen to Father’s homily which is so relevant to this topic
      and the original article of course, posted by Mary Ellen Barrett, more than my very poor attempts to defend our faith. Pray for me my brother and sisters that our Lord may have mercy on me for any harsh and unkind words that I may have used. I hate Reiki, not people.

  • Barbara Carlton

    I thank you, you are so right. I had already planned to cut this futile conversation or discussion. Without input of us Reiki people they need to find somebody or something else to pick on to be happy.
    Bless us all anyway. Love and Light, Barbara C

  • Krishan Prem Singh

    I practice Reiki and have spirituality, and it’s my freedom because God wants me to be happy!

  • Heather Billings

    “It is for this reason that it is incumbent upon all faithful Catholics to be aware that there is no place for New Age practices of any kind in our worship, rituals, practices, or prayers. ”

    I would just like to say that I find this statement ironic, and sadly amusing, considering the vast amount of documents that can be found illustrating how from its origins Catholics instituted pagan practices into its “worship, rituals, practices, and prayers” for various purposes (to appear more appealing to pagans, for example). If one should not use Reiki, then a better argument must be found, for this one is not convincing considering Catholic history.

    • Vincent Vitatoe

      Heather, can you please cite to some of “the vast amount of documents” that show Catholicism instituted pagan practices? The critical argument, which you apparently overlook, is that Reiki requires people to rely on a superstitious, spiritual practice. To do so is in complete contradiction to 2,000 years of Catholic teaching and tradition. Arguments that Reiki is not a spiritual practice are suspicious given that “God” is incorporated right into the name “Reiki.”

      • Lisa Mladinich

        Thank you, Vincent. You’re right in pointing out the illogic of some of these statements. The important thing to know about Reiki is that it is an occult practice. I studied it briefly, many years ago, and had a friend who went through the whole training and “endowment” ceremony at the end, to become a Reiki Master. The ceremony calls down a nameless power onto the participants’ hands. They encourage each RM to call that power whatever they want to, which has led some to falsely call it the Holy Spirit. Disobedience is all about pride, sadly. And just because Reiki does have some initial benefits, doesn’t mean that its long-term affects are not dangerous. In exorcism circles, the benefit is known as “the hook,” which creates the illusion of goodness in order to lure the participant in so deep that he/she becomes convinced there is no way out and no chance of God’s mercy, which is a lie. God’s arms are always open to welcome us back. With all due respect and with Christian affection for everyone commenting on this list, Reiki is a practice to be avoided.

  • Mich

    I am a devout Catholic, from personal experience I know of the life after this one and have had proof of that. I do nothing with this gift but am comforted greatly that the Lord has prepared a wonderful place for us. Now onto Healing, albeit Reiki or otherwise. The Holy Spirit provides us with gifts – gifts of insight, healing, scripture etc so through the Lord and only through the Lord this to me is indeed a gift. A friend of mine is infact a Reiki Master, and always gives thanks to God, but others do not even mention his dear name and praises are said to the originators of this healing. That I feel very uncomfortable with, and I feel this is what this editorial dictates. Food for thought is the healing the Disciple’s were able to provide through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, that is the healing that is given by the Lord to those faithful to the Lord, and those alone.

  • Jackie Anderson

    If you are under the impression that people receiving Reiki “disprove” while Reiki practitioners “Lay hands” on them, you don’t know much about the practice of Reiki at all. With the logic you used to discredit Reiki, you should also pronounce acupuncture a meaningless practice and it’s use simply for the superstitious. Has the Catholic church pronounced “incompatible” with Catholic teaching? In closing, you are misinformed when you state that there is no scientific method to verify it’s efficacy. There have been scientific studies done on the efficacy of providing injured veterans with Reiki treatments that scientifically proved that those who had treatment (without their knowledge) healed faster than those who did not. The practice of Reiki is growing rapidly in medical facilities all over the country.

  • TimJames

    Hi Mary, Thanks for the well written clarification on Reiki. I was wondering what the Catholic church teaches on acupuncture by a licensed acupuncturist.

  • Tricia Gray

    There is no scientific method of measuring reiki? Is there any scientific proof for the existence of the Catholic god? Anyone experiencing reiki knows what happens as opposed to attending Christian rituals.

  • coco2

    I thought only God could heal. Healing comes from God! Can healing come from Satan? It doesn’t seem to me that any healing could come from evil. But what do I know? People get desperate for healing sometimes, and will venture out and try anything for help, when western medicine fails them. And it fails many. Acupuncture has the approval of western medicine now and I believe a reason why it works, so does yoga. And yes, many of our religious holidays were given a date to take the place of pagan holidays, winter solstice/Xmas, Easter, etc. We even use some of the old pagan traditions while celebrating our Christian holiday. But God knows what we are really celebrating. God also knows if we are praying to him for healing. It doesn’t bother me if God gave wisdom for healing to those in the East. We are all God’s children and it is our job to introduce God to those who do not know him. Would you not use a light bulb if you found out the inventor was atheist and didn’t believe in God, or was Buddist? No, you would still use his or her GOD GIVEN wisdom, whether they know God gave it to them or not.

    • Richard Dusty Rhodes

      An open mind. Refreshing.

    • Mo

      Satan can offer pretend healings. He can cause harm and then take it away. There have been false catholic Mystics who could perform “healings” and “miracles” by diabolical means.

      That said, healing through human touch is a real thing. A mother and child bond through contact and touch. In the scientific world, scientists have been able to attribute this to the release of the hormone, oxytocin, are commonly referred to as the, “bonding hormone.” Human touch can lower blood pressure, improve the immune system and speed up healing process. That’s not the same as Reiki.

      What the author of this article I think it’s trying to say is that Reiki proposes that this healing power comes from an “energy force” and that the healing power can be received from another and passed on. That is against Catholic belief as Reiki is a spiritual belief of its own. It doesn’t state that, through human touch, hormones are released that speed healing, but rather that this “healing energy” comes from the person themselves.

      Christ healed people through touch. He is both human and divine – the Word made flesh. He did not call upon some outside energy to heal people and pass it on to His disciples. In fact, after being sent out, the disciples couldn’t heal certain persons because of their lack of faith in God. Healing comes directly from God, not an energy source. The belief in Reiki is a subtle form of idolatry. It makes the believer believe that something else, other than God, is responsible for healing, namely, the person doing the laying on of hands and the “energy life force.”

      In addition, but very importantly, the “life force” claimed by Reiki is NOT the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Trinity, and also God. He is not some spiritual energy that can be drawn or given at will.

      • Lisa Mladinich

        Thanks for this cogent, faithfully Catholic response, Mo. Too many twist the Catholic faith to fit their preferences, rather than being nourished by the wisdom and beauty of the Church and her sacramental life.

  • Michael Brown

    Why the vitriol? Why pretend that there are not spiritual practices and methods of communion with the universe that are older than Catholicism, or just tangentially and culturally distinct from it? The standoffish and condescending tone that this whole article has betrays a defensiveness, the sense that Reiki is somehow a threat. Catholicism and Christianity have killed to propagate their religion and its dogmas; As far as I know, the propagation of Reiki, along with many other new age disciplines, have been utterly peaceful, providing only benefit.