I’m a Catechist, Not Kim Kardashian

I’m a catechist, not Kim Kardashian. I have no television shows, brand names or product lines to sell. The things I do and the things I say do not garner headlines, media attention, or hordes of paparazzi. I get to walk downtown without fanfare, bodyguards, or unwanted lustful ogling.

Even better, I get to talk to people about the passionate and relentless love of Jesus Christ… who loved me from the moment I was created in his image and likeness… and he does so even now… oh, so many years later. His love is so true that he’d die to be with me… regardless of my fortune, fashion, fame, or falling in or out of love. Even if no one ever hears of my name or accomplishments.

A catechist’s work is not about echoing their own name but the name of Jesus, and the things that he teaches.

And so, speaking as a catechist, if you ever read this, Kim Kardashian, I can only echo the truth I’ve come to know. I’m staking my life on it. So let me tell you what I know. Not that you asked, but just because it looks like things are kind of rough for you right now.

Every day I get a chance to breath freely, knowing that my heart can love without fear and pretense, and revel in an honest life that follows a purer love that is deeper than any I have ever known. And that, alone, is thrilling. It calls me ever higher toward unchanging truth, deep beauty, and unmistakable goodness. In short, it is everything my heart longs for. It makes me want to eliminate any obstacle that stands in between. And that drives me to a level of sweet intoxication not found by life in the fast lane.

What I’m really talking about is meeting Jesus and hearing him say your name differently than anyone else in the world. Knowing that He really loves you, knows your heart, and that his very own heart is aching for yours.

Kim, Jesus sees your true beauty, and when he sees you, he looks right through to your soul. And He wants to take you to the next level.

And isn’t that what you’ve always been striving for? The next level?

There’s only one kind of attention and over-exposure that leads to happiness… the long-term exposure to a boundless, covenanted, supernatural love that securely embraces the depths of the restlessness you cannot shake on your own.

From the looks of things, you’ve discovered that movement that propels you forward… to keep you hungry, to push the boundaries time and again… but your drive keeps missing the sacred target.

The truth about that pull inside you is that it is meant to lure you… to move your heart toward the One who will remake you into the woman you’ve yet to really dream you might be. The Designer of the Beautiful You had your happiness in mind all along.

Your restlessness is meant to bless you by leading you to Jesus.

But what of messy mistakes we’ve made? Well, from that perspective, you’re not unlike anybody else. The good news is that being rich and famous is irrelevant to the promise of such a love and redemption. It is offered freely to all of us, once we are willing to surrender our own self-centeredness and narcissism… and begin to take a step toward Jesus.

By turning toward Jesus, and admitting your restless heart has led you to places you’d rather not be, and to do things that you surely regret, well, then forgiveness can be yours. Then, a fall from grace can instead become a head first dive into the deeper graces that were destined to give your existence new meaning.

For most of us, this is precisely the moment when heaven breaks through to the hell we’ve managed to make for ourselves. The sense of self-preservation is strong amidst the chaos. The fight-or-flight instinct points to hope: The hope that you were made for more.

There really is more than we see. There really is a man named Jesus who is the healer and keeper of your heart. And he has hoped that you might reach for him. His love is profound and lasting. It never exploits a woman’s curves or nerve, her weaknesses or her strengths, her creativity or her know-how. Her dignity and the genius of her womanhood are far too precious for that.

The heart of Jesus is ready to transform yours, re-modeling your life from the inside out. But you’ve got choose Him. He has already chosen you.

I’m just a catechist. I’m not famous. You don’t have to take my word for it.

But Jesus is famous, and he’s got great credentials for turning the tailspins of life into opportunities for a fresh start. For over 2000 years people have known his name for a reason. What’s even better is that he already knows your name, Kim Kardashian. So you’re already partly there in getting to know him better.

Now, go take the relationship to the next level.

  • Brenda Farber

    The catchy title grabbed me! I get a bit weary of the same old-same old in the media. I’m glad you are a catechist, Pat, and a great one at that! Well written and wouldn’t it be nice if all the “KK’s” in the world would ‘get’ it?! Great message! Happy Advent!!