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Old Stuff

see if it still works   Let's look at some miracles. First, God thought matter into existence. That is, some of his immaterial love is so dense that it actually manifests itself as stuff. You know: fermions, gluons, bosons, all the … [Read More...]

The Struggles and Successes of Young Catholics

Recently, some young twenty-somethings and teens begged me to write about the difficulties of being Catholic at those ages and what could be done about it. After talking with some young adult ministers, young adults and doing some additional … [Read More...]

NFP Awareness Week: The Spiritual Works of Mercy

It's NFP Awareness Week, so I'd like to share a post that discusses the Spiritual Works of Mercy with a Theology of the Body focus: According to the Catholic encyclopedia, mercy is “a virtue influencing one’s will to have compassion for, and, if … [Read More...]

Gear Up: A New Religious Education Year

It's about that time of year to start really gearing up and getting ready for another religious education year to begin.  This time of year is always exciting because it is a fresh new year full of potential, promise and your dreams to form students … [Read More...]

Getting Ready to Teach: What You Wear to Class Matters

As the new school year approaches, I've been thinking about the guidelines for the teachers and assistants in the small apostolate I help run.  A topic I didn't broach last year but will this time around: Clothes. I'm not a fashion person.  No one … [Read More...]

Symbolon Project ?

I am seeking objective input on the Symbolon Project from anyone who has used it. Thank you in advance!   … [Read More...]

Common Sense Book Study {Foreword}

Fr. Robert J. Hater in his awesome book Common Sense Catechesis gives catechists an instructional form to understand the "Lessons from the Past" as well as a "Road Map for the Future." I love that. While it's good to know where we came from and … [Read More...]

A Better Picture

"You are greatly misled" (Mark 12:27) . Recently I had a conversation with a friend who doesn't believe in Jesus or in Heaven or Hell. He believes that when we die, our bodies will decay beneath the earth and that'll be the end of it. While … [Read More...]