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Getting Ready to Teach: What You Wear to Class Matters

As the new school year approaches, I've been thinking about the guidelines for the teachers and assistants in the small apostolate I help run.  A topic I didn't broach last year but will this time around: Clothes. I'm not a fashion person.  No one … [Read More...]

Symbolon Project ?

I am seeking objective input on the Symbolon Project from anyone who has used it. Thank you in advance!   … [Read More...]

Common Sense Book Study {Foreword}

Fr. Robert J. Hater in his awesome book Common Sense Catechesis gives catechists an instructional form to understand the "Lessons from the Past" as well as a "Road Map for the Future." I love that. While it's good to know where we came from and … [Read More...]

A Better Picture

"You are greatly misled" (Mark 12:27) . Recently I had a conversation with a friend who doesn't believe in Jesus or in Heaven or Hell. He believes that when we die, our bodies will decay beneath the earth and that'll be the end of it. While … [Read More...]

Help Me Make a Top 10 List For Why We Evangelize!

Why do we evangelize? I guess the question presupposes the reader actually is evangelizing others, or at least trying to.  But why do we do it?  Or, if we're not actively engaged in evangelization, why are others? Well, I would like to offer … [Read More...]

Don’t Let Self-Doubt Stop You

Although Catholic blogs play an important role in catechesis and evangelization, I'm sure that every Catholic blogger has asked themselves at least once why they do it. Is it really worth the time spent away from work, from family, from prayer? Is … [Read More...]


When discussing sacraments with 6th graders, I always emphasize that the physical part of a sacrament is more than a symbol. And by the time we even get to a sacrament (Baptism), they are already familiar with God's grace and power moving through … [Read More...]

Common Sense Book Study

I read this book in less than a week. It's that good. That easy. That sensible. That practical. That informative. It's simply full of good common sense. It's so good I'm getting my catechists started with it this school year. I think … [Read More...]